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How To Handle A Long Distance Relationship At University

That work-life balance is a constant life struggle. Add a partner who lives a couple of hours away onto that and you'd think it'd be even worse but that's not entirely true.

It's always getting better
Time never goes up. It's always counting down till your next reunion and your next phone call and the next time you get to pull funny faces at each other over FaceTime. You're always one day closer to not having to be so far apart all the time. You're always getting better at dealing with the separation. Yes, you feel weak and some times, we both want to give up but we don't because it's always going to get better. Plus, September-November/April-May are the hardest times of the year so if you're particularly struggling in those busy and testing times (first of all, talk about it) but know that it's completely understandable and it will get better.

Prioritise your work
Let's face it, when you're at uni and you don't work, you're going to fail. And what could be worse than failing? Oh yeah, repeating a year because you failed. Don't do that. Prioritise your work so you can spend quality together, not worrying about work you should be doing and not having to add an unnecessary extra year onto your long-distance challenge.

Take time alone
I know that it takes a second to reply to a text. But every day? Constantly? It's time consuming. It's okay to not want to message/talk every second of the day. Take time away from that to work on your own things. Be a good partner by letting your S/O know you need time alone and respect their decision when they ask the same. You'll probably have less stressed conversations about the things you should be doing. Plus - when we don't talk during the day because we're busy or we have stuff to do, I genuinely feel better when I get to talk to Will later, knowing how much I've accomplished and that we're genuinely excited to talk to each other.

Keep yourself busy!
It’s not hard to do that whilst at uni, there is always something to do and work to get on with. I am constantly filling my calendar with fun things and productive things and it makes the time apart so much easier.

Let each other know what your plans are
When you don't get to hear/be there for the little details of someone's day, it's good to know what they're up to. We both have social lives and things we have to do so as long as I know what he's doing and I do the same for him - I'm happy. It also helps to know when we will get to talk. I speak to Will on the phone quite a bit, most nights, even if it’s just to say goodnight before bed but if that's not gonna be possible - we always let the other know.

It's easy to fight. For us, every fight always ultimately boils down to distance which is a relief, we know it's not a more serious problem. There's nothing we can do about that apart from being completely honest. When something bothers us, we say it without fear. I do not hold back when I'm upset anymore. You may fight or bicker or maybe it will solve everything or make everything so much worse than necessary but it's out there and dealt with. In the end it's always best to be honest, as hard as it may seem. It makes me feel a lot more secure in my relationship.

Use the thing phones were designed for

We call less often and for less time than we used to but that's purely because we're busy. Texts can be read wrong and often create problems that aren't there. We're both stubborn, difficult and don't like going misunderstood and it's even worse over text. If you need to talk about something, call. If you're fighting, call. If you're worried or insecure or scared, call. It's so much easier to convey emotion over the phone than it is in a text. Plus, it's just nice to hear a voice rather than a phone notification sound.

You genuinely will get used to it
We do miss each other when we're apart together but we also deal with it so well because we are genuinely a good couple. After a summer of seeing each other often, I was worried about getting back to our old habits of being apart for weeks would be hard. But I've probably coped better than I did last year. As long as you're open and can admit that 'yes I miss you' or 'yes I'm struggling with the distance' then you have something to work on and you can only get stronger from there.

It's hard. Distance makes me crazy. Like psycho girlfriend I told myself I'd never be, crazy. But I truly believe this also makes me a stronger person and I know that I can keep doing this as long as long as I need to, if I follow my own advice. At the time this post goes up, I'll only have a week left until I see Will after a month so whoop whoop to that! 

A Relaxing Weekend with Monty Bojangles

It's fair to say I've had a rubbishy week. Possible food poisoning, emotional breakthroughs and it's just been one of those weeks that makes you want to crawl in bed and forget all the big, bad, sad parts. I've decided to look after myself this weekend by running a bath with the gorgeous Lush Star Dust bath bomb and lighting this £3 candle from the Boots gift section which I only picked up for the copper tin. And as an extra treat, the babes over at Monty Bojangles have sent me some more products* to tuck into while I feel sorry for myself.

These brand new Treasure Boxes each have 20 truffles which are all insanely addictive. (Addictive enough that my boyfriend's already planning on stealing a box from me. I know the website says to share, but come on...) I was sent Scrumple Nutty, Choccy Scoffy and my personal favourite Taste Adventures. There are four flavours in the Taste Adventures box - Choccy Scoffy (dusted cocoa), Scrumple Nutty (crunchy hazelnut), Berry Bubbly (raspberry popping candy) and my absolute favourite flavour Flutter Scotch (butterscotch).

These new boxes are available from Sainsbury's now or via their website  (www.montybojangles.com). So go on, grab yourself a treat this weekend. Have a lay-in, a cuppa and some Monty Bojangles. You deserve it.

An asterisk (*) indicates the product has been sent via a brand or marketing team.

My New Room

This has been a long time coming but I finally got round to taking some nice pictures of my room. It was a challenge. There was tons of wallpaper to strip, walls to sand and a lot of cleaning but it's the best it's ever looked. It's not completely finished, I'm not a huge fan of the cube unit next to my bed and I need to find a few more storage boxes but it's pretty minimalistic and clean. I'm going to do my best to link as many of the bits I can below.



DRAWER UNIT - Ikea CHANEL PRINT - NotOnTheHighStreet / MAKEUP DRAWERS - Muji / MIRROR - Oliver Bonas / STOOL - Ikea / WIRE BASKET - Habitat / RECORD PLAYER - John Lewis / GREY FLUFFY BLANKET - Primark

BLACK PRINT - Chelsea Prints / SHAKESPEARE PRINT - NotOnTheHighstreet / BUT FIRST SLEEP PRINT NotOnTheHighstreet / PINK PRINT - John Lewis / WALL CLOCK - ASDA (similar Wayfair) COPPER PAPERCLIPS - Sainsburys / BULLDOG CLIPS - Sainsburys

CUBE UNIT - Argos / GREY BOXES - H&M / Love x Style x Life - Amazon / It by Alexa Chung - Amazon / Pretty Honest - Amazon / #GirlBoss - Amazon / Reasons To Stay Alive - Amazon / COASTER - Coconut Lane / COPPER TRAY - Oliver Bonas

BED - Argos / GREY BLANKET - Ikea (Amazon) / PINK BEDDING - Dunelm / RING DISH - NotOnTheHighstreet 

TABLE - Ikea / LAMP - Iconic Lights / COPPER PRINT - NotOnTheHighstreet

 LAMP SHADE - Amazon / CURTAINS - Dunelm