Monday, 31 March 2014

La Roche-Possay Effaclar Duo

The terrible teenage years are a time when spots are a big issue. Nowadays, spots make a person feel insecure and ugly and to get rid of these negative feelings I have tried a large number of strategies to clear my face. A lot of factors effect bad skin: sleep pattern, a balanced diet, how active you are, genetics, environment, hygiene, mental well being and many more. In a desperate search for a good skin solution these past few years, I think I may have tried every range of cream, paste, scrub, wash and gel possible. Until I found the reviews for La-Roche Possay online and picked up my own little tube.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo is my new hero. It's a product that actually works like the reviews say. The product is like gel/cream and dries clear without drying out my skin. Blackheads appear reduced, my skin looks brighter. It also helps reduce the pain of angry spots which is an added bonus. The Effaclar Duo doesn't sting at all which I didn't expect for such a powerful product. It helps sooth my skin and softens any inflammation. In comparison with other skin clearing products this is just easier. It works faster than most, I noticed a difference after a few days. It can also be worn under makeup because for me it does not flake or peel off when it's dried halfway through the day. The packaging is easy to use and is practical however, I feel like I can never fully empty the tube because a little is always stuck in the bottom. 

La Roche Possay Effaclar Duo is amazing. It prevents spots, reduces blackheads and controls sebum (the stuff that makes your skin and hair overly oily and disgusting). Whilst the Effaclar Duo is a goddess from perfect face land, there's also Effaclar Plus +. As well as the usual effects of La Roche Possay, it claims to help heal scaring and marks after a breakout. This one is on my shopping list right now because of how impressed I was with the original product. According to statistics, "One tube of Effaclar Duo is sold every 3 minutes" and I think it speaks for itself. Even though it's £15.50 and not the cheapest product for a broke teenage girl like me, it's definitely worth it. It’s available online at and in-store so go get it because it is a french beauty miracle worker.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Disneyland Paris 2014!

About a month ago, I was in Disneyland Paris for the first time in my life. Now I'm not an expert but I would call myself a big Disney fan. I have well over 30 Disney albums in my iTunes and have watched most of the films more than once. Unfortunately, I had never been to any Disney park because of three reasons. 1. My Mum has always been scared of people in costume, 2. I have never been a roller-coaster/ride person and 3. Most of my family holidays have always been in Majorca. Then, I was offered the chance to go with my school media department to Paris. I am honestly go glad I begged Dad to let me go. On the trip I was with my best friend (Molly) and several other very close friends, some of the best people I have ever met. In all honesty, Disneyland was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. 

The trip started 12:45am on Sunday the 2nd of March when we left school for the most amazing place on earth. The journey itself almost killed me, I'm pretty sure it was around 9 hours including a stop at a petrol station to stretch our legs and the ferry to Calais. When we arrived in Disneyland at around 10am, our accommodation wasn't ready so we stored our bags in a separate room. By this time we were very tired. We then had the whole day in Disneyland Park. I went on my first roller-coaster, (gulp). It was incredible. I can't explain the adrenaline and fear I had all the way through. I'm pretty sure we went on Space Mountain around six times. In Disneyland Park I also visited: Big Thunder Mountain, The Phantom Manor, Pizza Planet, Alice's Curious Labyrinth, Adventure Isle and Mad Hatter's Tea Cups. After a day of rides, so much walking and junk food we all returned to get our bags and see our rooms. Now typically, Hotel Cheyenne was the furthest from the park and our block was number 25 of 25. We had a 'delightful' walk that felt like half an hour every time we went out. After a massive group fight and discussion about where to eat, we reluctantly settled for McDonald's. Later that night, we watched the fireworks show 'Disney Dreams!', despite the boys preferring to watch the football. It really was brilliant even if most of our phones died halfway through recording. The 2nd of March felt like the longest day of my life. I think Molly and I worked out that we were awake for 40 hours ish before we finally slept because of course we were far to excited to sleep the day before. Day two was in Walt Disney Studios. The day included: Armageddon, Crush's Coaster and Studio Tram Tour. As well as this, I had the scariest experience in my life. Rock & Rollercoaster with Aerosmith. It was truly terrifying because it's so fast. Despite extremely long queues, all of these were worth the wait. As well as the disneymania, day two also involved a 3 hour conference from people with different jobs in the media. This was the only reason we could go (so the trip could pass as educational). We met a BBFC representative, a journalist, and a presenter/novelist. This was quite interesting (even if Molly who is not a media student and several others fell asleep next to me). The rest of the day was spent food hunting, waiting for those brave enough for Tower of Terror and shopping in Disney Village. At the time, I really just wanted to be in my own bed but thinking about it now, I'd much rather be in Disneyland with my friends than revising for my final exams in a few months.

I learned so much through this experience. I learned that most teenage boys are worse at being on time than girls; on more than one occasion I had to wait for the male members of the group to be ready. I learned that you really can get sick from eating too many burgers. I learned that fear only exists in the mind and after my first roller-coaster I was angry that I'd felt so scared. I learned how difficult my 13 year old brother is to shop for. I learned that teachers are completely different outside of school, (to quote Mean Girls: "It's like seeing a dog walk on it's hind legs."). I learned that French people do not understand the word 'water'. I learned how easy it is to blister your feet from too much walking. I learned how boring 90 minute queues are. I learned how difficult it is to wake up a tired person in the morning. I learned how much I overuse the word 'cute'. I learned that people do see us British as stereotypically posh. I learned that boys need hairdryers just as much as girls do. I learned that going on a ferry is nothing like the Titanic. I learned that when you fall over in public people notice even when you don't think they do. I learned that teacup rides aren't very entertaining after just a minute. I learned that people are completely different when they aren't surrounded by others. I learned how dependent teenage boys are on food. And most importantly I learned that you are never too old to love Disney.

I was the happiest I'd been in a long time before I woke up on Wednesday for school. So many funny moments happened in such a short amount of time and I am so grateful for the people I got to share this journey with. Being a part of this amazing experience gave me so many memories I am sure I will remember forever. I got to know a few people better, talk to those I didn't so much and to be a part of so much more. I also managed to tick two items off my bucket list (visit Disneyland/World & go on a roller-coaster) so that's a little step closer to completion. I had three wonderful days and I am so glad I worked through all the usual worries and anxiety I had to get there.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

What's In My Makeup Bag?

My makeup bag is my greatest lifeline, a necessary kit of essentials to throw in my handbag knowing that I'm sorted. But recently, it's become cluttered. I'm a makeup bag hoarder and if it just about fits I keep it in. It's not my fault! There's your all time favourites of course, the new products that you're testing, the almost empties and the this-one-will-do-for-now products. I guess I just like too much pretty stuff.

Once upon a time, I kept all my makeup in my large desk drawer. It was always neatly organised and made it easy to see everything but, I really underestimated carrying a makeup bag. Not only does it stop my products rolling around in the bottom of my handbag, it saves time when you're rushing off to town or school. After I finally found the correct size, shape, colour and style of cosmetic bag, my morning makeup routine became swifter and simpler. My bag is not very designer at all, it's actually from Primark but it is sweet and roomy and all I could ever really want. The size is absolutely perfect. I can fit in all my every day face stuff (without having to cram it all in) and last minute bits and bobs I might need on a random occasion. 

So, at last, here is a short list of what I have been keeping in this TARDIS I call my makeup bag:
1. Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Powder 16 Hour Wear in 'Medium'
2. Ted Baker Putting On the Glitz Bronzer
3. Maybelline Baby Lips Balm in 'Peach Kiss'
4. Carmex Classic Moisturising Lip Balm
5. Sleek Blush in 'Rose Gold'
6. Rimmel Lasting Perfection Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss in '101'
7. Collection Little Mix Lipstick 'Jade'
8. Plain (Very Makeup Stained) Mirror
9. Avon Super Extend Eye Accents Mascara
10. Benefit they're real! Mascara
11. Collection Big Fake Ultimate Mascara
12. Maybelline Pure Cover Mineral Anti-Cernes Concealer
13. Primark Hand Sanitiser Gel
14. Marks & Spencer Beauty Care Makeup Sponge Powder Pad
15. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in 'Ivory'
16. No7 Stay Perfect Shadow in '10 Wheatsheaf'
17. Fearne Cotton Eye Collection Felt Eyeliner
18. Natural Collection Eye Lines in 'Black'
19. Model Co. Lip Pencil in 'Illusion Nude'
20. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in 'True Ivory'
21. Nivea Smooth Nourishing Hand Cream
22. Boots Eyelash Curlers 
23. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
24. Various Makeup Brushes (Blusher, Powder, Bronzer, Concealer, Eyeshadow etc.)
25. Boots Pink Tweezers
26. Makeup Bag From Primark

I hope that delving in to the depths of my makeup bag was interesting for you and an insight to the kind of person I am. I know it looks like a lot of products but this is the general build up of my essentials and new favourites over the last few months.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Wonderstruck Enchanted | Taylor Swift Fragrance

As my first official post, I wanted to do fragrance review. I'm a very difficult person when it comes to perfumes and sprays because I won't bother if they fade too quickly or aren't original enough. Wonderstruck Enchanted ticks all the boxes and is my current favourite in the fragrance isle. I already had Taylor's first similarly named perfume Wonderstruck but, I wasn't that impressed honestly. It lacked something. 

However, the something it lacked was definitely in this follow up, Wonderstruck Enchanted. When I saw this going cheaply at £20 a bottle for 50ml I was very happy. (A quick note, if you are going to buy either of Taylor's fragrances get the bigger size as the bottle is better with little charms and it'll last a lot longer.) It looks fantastic doesn't it? I'm always attracted to perfumes by the bottle first which is probably why I love Marc Jacobs's collections as the bottles are exciting. It's a great travel size.

Now I'm getting to the point, the whole reason for buying a fragrance. The scent. I looked up the actual 'ingredients' of Wonderstruck Enchanted on They say that it includes; peonies, sugar-glazed champaca petals, white freesias, wild berries, passion fruit, pink poppies, white musk, vanilla and blond woods. And even though that all sounds just very complicated I can tell you it smells great. You can definitely smell the vanilla which is my all time favourite scent. The berries and a floral kind of scent also are dominant and I really do love it. 

It's flirty, feminine and speaks confidence. The perfume makes me feel 'enchanted'. It's quite magical to be honest and reminds me of something out of a fairytale. It's not too over-powering but definitely lasts. I think it's suitable for the whole day however, I think it'd be best worn in the evening. I can assure you that this is coming on holiday with me this year, it's that kind of product. I was impressed with this despite her last perfume and I highly recommend you should choose this one if you are debating between the two. Also, Taylor's 3rd fragrance 'Taylor' is very nice too because it's of a different design and more of a light, floral, day time perfume. I hope this helped in anyway or was just interesting.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Hello, I'm Entering The Blogging World!

After years of contemplation, I have finally decided to set up my own beautifully messy and interesting blog. A wonderful world of thoughts, beauty and creativity. I've always wanted to start blogging. It's always seemed an amazing way to reach out to people through the internet. When my life got stressful and difficult, I needed a break, something to distract me from all the negatives. 

And that's why I've jumped straight in to the world of blogging. To be honest, I use my tumblr quite a lot and that's mostly full of pictures but I think writing is therapeutic and (if you're good at it) rewarding. I see my blog as an escape. The people I've met through the internet are some of the best I know, they won't judge you because they don't know you, they will just listen and help in any way they can. I hope you can be that for me, as I promise to be for you if you need anything. After all, making other people happy, makes me happy. I always kept diaries as a younger girl, tried hard for a while, stopped, then the annoying cycle would repeat itself. However, I hope that I will stick to this, who knows what will happen if I do? I hope that any of you reading this are ready for my journey as I grow as a blogger. Even though I may go down a random path every now and then, I aim to post regularly and to make some amazing memories whilst meeting some amazing people along the way.

Please subscribe to me by e-mail and feel free to add or follow me with any of the links on the right hand side. I'd love to hear from you and will definitely reply to you all if you message me in any way. Right, that sums it up really. Thank you if you're still reading, it really does mean a lot. I'm so excited for this fantastic new part of my life.