REVIEW: La Roche-Possay Effaclar Duo

The terrible teenage years are a time when spots are a big issue. Nowadays, spots make a person feel insecure and ugly and to get rid of these negative feelings I have tried a large number of strategies to clear my face. A lot of factors effect bad skin: sleep pattern, a balanced diet, how active you are, genetics, environment, hygiene, mental well being and many more. In a desperate search for a good skin solution these past few years, I think I may have tried every range of cream, paste, scrub, wash and gel possible. Until I found the reviews for La-Roche Possay online and picked up my own little tube.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo is my new hero. It's a product that actually works like the reviews say. The product is like gel/cream and dries clear without drying out my skin. Blackheads appear reduced, my skin looks brighter. It also helps reduce the pain of angry spots which is an added bonus. The Effaclar Duo doesn't sting at all which I didn't expect for such a powerful product. It helps sooth my skin and softens any inflammation. In comparison with other skin clearing products this is just easier. It works faster than most, I noticed a difference after a few days. It can also be worn under makeup because for me it does not flake or peel off when it's dried halfway through the day. The packaging is easy to use and is practical however, I feel like I can never fully empty the tube because a little is always stuck in the bottom. 

La Roche Possay Effaclar Duo is amazing. It prevents spots, reduces blackheads and controls sebum (the stuff that makes your skin and hair overly oily and disgusting). Whilst the Effaclar Duo is a goddess from perfect face land, there's also Effaclar Plus +. As well as the usual effects of La Roche Possay, it claims to help heal scaring and marks after a breakout. This one is on my shopping list right now because of how impressed I was with the original product. According to statistics, "One tube of Effaclar Duo is sold every 3 minutes" and I think it speaks for itself. Even though it's £15.50 and not the cheapest product for a broke teenage girl like me, it's definitely worth it. It’s available online at and in-store so go get it because it is a french beauty miracle worker.

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