REVIEW: Wonderstruck Enchanted

As my first official post, I wanted to do fragrance review. I'm a very difficult person when it comes to perfumes and sprays because I won't bother if they fade too quickly or aren't original enough. Wonderstruck Enchanted ticks all the boxes and is my current favourite in the fragrance isle. I already had Taylor's first similarly named perfume Wonderstruck but, I wasn't that impressed honestly. It lacked something. 

However, the something it lacked was definitely in this follow up, Wonderstruck Enchanted. When I saw this going cheaply at £20 a bottle for 50ml I was very happy. (A quick note, if you are going to buy either of Taylor's fragrances get the bigger size as the bottle is better with little charms and it'll last a lot longer.) It looks fantastic doesn't it? I'm always attracted to perfumes by the bottle first which is probably why I love Marc Jacobs's collections as the bottles are exciting. It's a great travel size.

Now I'm getting to the point, the whole reason for buying a fragrance. The scent. I looked up the actual 'ingredients' of Wonderstruck Enchanted on They say that it includes; peonies, sugar-glazed champaca petals, white freesias, wild berries, passion fruit, pink poppies, white musk, vanilla and blond woods. And even though that all sounds just very complicated I can tell you it smells great. You can definitely smell the vanilla which is my all time favourite scent. The berries and a floral kind of scent also are dominant and I really do love it. 

It's flirty, feminine and speaks confidence. The perfume makes me feel 'enchanted'. It's quite magical to be honest and reminds me of something out of a fairytale. It's not too over-powering but definitely lasts. I think it's suitable for the whole day however, I think it'd be best worn in the evening. I can assure you that this is coming on holiday with me this year, it's that kind of product. I was impressed with this despite her last perfume and I highly recommend you should choose this one if you are debating between the two. Also, Taylor's 3rd fragrance 'Taylor' is very nice too because it's of a different design and more of a light, floral, day time perfume. I hope this helped in anyway or was just interesting.

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