REVIEW: Vo5 Hair Products

I use a lot of Vo5 products and regularly too. I find them reliable, affordable and generally just great products. My new favourites are the 'Give Me Texture Tousled Style Spray', 'Revive Me Daily Shampoo & Conditioner' and 'Heat Protect Styling Spray'. Here's a basic review of each product.

Give Me Texture Tousled Style Spray:
I luuurve this stuff. I use it in a choice of two ways. I either spray, scrunch and leave to dry or separate sections, spray and blow dry. It gives me the most amazing texture despite my natural curl and always makes my hair bigger. The bigger my hair, the bigger my personality. It adds a simple shine and it's such a simple sexy look. However, my biggest issue with it is the nozzle and the way the spray comes out, it's more of a single shot rather than a mist so it's hard to work with in that sense. I tried spraying it onto my hands and then putting it through my hair and that worked better but I ended up with sticky hands (ew). This is the only, minor flaw.

Revive Me Daily Shampoo & Conditioner:
My hair gets easily damaged. I'm not always curling or straightening but it doesn't take long for split ends to show their ugly faces. This stuff is my go to. It's always rejuvenating and literally 'reviving'. It's so easy to lather and wash out. Plus it smells ah-may-zing. I don't know what it is but it's fresh and feminine and fruity. Until I find another alternative with the same value for money (it's always on offer in superdrug) I'll keep repurchasing this stuff.

Heat Protect Styling Spray:
Despite the fact I don't use excessive heat on my hair, I tend to use the hair dryer a lot. I worry about drying it out so whenever I pick up a hair dryer I grab this pink bottle too for essential heat protection. This stuff is fab. As well as a high level of heat protection my hair feels smoother and my annoying natural frizz is controlled. The best thing is that it doesn't make my hair really thick, weighed down or heavy. But, the nozzle is the opposite to the Texture Spray because the spray comes out evenly and also doesn't make my hair sticky. 

Considering the budget buy and the value of all these products, it's certainly worth your pennies. Go pick up these little beauties from the Vo5 range. What Vo5 products do you recommend?

My Homemade Smoothie

Fruit is good. And even better when you can drink it. We had loads of fruit to be used up in our fridge and I wanted to make a smoothie. This isn't a very complex recipe but I just wanted to share it with you.

 200g of natural vanilla yogurt 
200g of chopped strawberries
200g of raspberries
Half a chopped banana
1 tbsp of honey

I just blended all this together until it was smooth but of course there were still some seeds. I didn't mind that, partly because they're extremely small but also because they're difficult to remove anyway. This tasted so good andddd it's healthy!

Happy Book

Everyone has something that will never fail to make them happy. Everyone has things that make their lives a little better. I do, but in a book. Yes, I had the time to print, cut out and draw pictures that I've stuck into a massive black book just to make me feel a little better when things get tough. Internet people call this a 'tumblr book' and indeed most of my pictures are from my tumblr but I prefer the term happy book. It's so sweet and full of perfect things that it's hard not to be happy whilst turning the pages. It's literally like stepping into my mind.

From celebrities to fragrances, lipsticks to cookies, movies to quotes; my happy book is full of perfection. Of course, it's not finished. There's plenty of free pages to feel with joy in the coming months. Just find a plain black art book in a DIY store and stick whatever you want in. I'm neat and tidy so I don't overlap the images but do it your way, make it unique to you. I really suggest you take the time to create one of these yourself, it's so therapeutic, pretty and 100% worth the time and effort. 

Prinstagram Poster

I am just a little obsessed with Instagram. It is something I am always using because it makes everything look so pretty. It's like a diary of my life through pictures. Since having the app, I have stacked up around 600 photos. However, as much as I love the internet, I love to see photographs that aren't trapped in a phone. Whilst surfing the web one day, I came across a site called Prinstagram is a wonderful little company that prints your instagrammed pictures for you and arranges them in a format of your choice. I ordered a poster using some of my favourite snaps and I love it. (Naturally, I had to instagram the printstagram.)

I was very pleased with how it came out, and all in such good quality. The website also allows you to create polaroids, calendars, framed prints, contact cards, stickers, t-shirts, posters, mini books and memory boxes with your prints. I think any of the products would be such a nice gift for someone or even for yourself (go on, you deserve it). If like me you are a teeny bit obsessed with Instagram, or you would just like your photos printed, head on over to the website or download their app which can be found in the app store.