Happy Book

Everyone has something that will never fail to make them happy. Everyone has things that make their lives a little better. I do, but in a book. Yes, I had the time to print, cut out and draw pictures that I've stuck into a massive black book just to make me feel a little better when things get tough. Internet people call this a 'tumblr book' and indeed most of my pictures are from my tumblr but I prefer the term happy book. It's so sweet and full of perfect things that it's hard not to be happy whilst turning the pages. It's literally like stepping into my mind.

From celebrities to fragrances, lipsticks to cookies, movies to quotes; my happy book is full of perfection. Of course, it's not finished. There's plenty of free pages to feel with joy in the coming months. Just find a plain black art book in a DIY store and stick whatever you want in. I'm neat and tidy so I don't overlap the images but do it your way, make it unique to you. I really suggest you take the time to create one of these yourself, it's so therapeutic, pretty and 100% worth the time and effort. 

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