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I'm not likely to spend a lot of money at once, I have this huge pang of guilt afterwards. So I'm very lucky to have a mother who likes to treat me every now and then. When in Debenhams recently, I was recently stopped by the lady at the Benefit counter. She was trying to promote the new 'they're real! push up liner' and offered to do a makeup trial for me. I'm not one to refuse a free makeover especially if I like the brand anyway. I've always loved benefit products as I think they accentuate your natural beauty, not mask it.

This is a mini haul of five products from benefit that I have picked up recently, despite the fact that it was expensive for me and I usually spend all my money on drug store products.

This is my basic daily go-to foundation. With a light to medium coverage, it blends really nicely and leaves a dewy illuminated finish that I really love. It feels light, allowing your skin to breathe and glow. I use the shade 'honey' which matches very well meaning if my skin is doing well I don't need to cover my whole face which is a treat in the summer. It's a little on the pricey side for someone like me, however totally worth it. With SPF 25 it's a great product for the warmer months meaning great protection against the weather. I also love that it doesn't dry your skin at all, it stays quite well and looks fresh all day long.

I didn't expect to love this product as much as I do. It's such an amazing pink colour and seems to last very well. Unlike most lip tints that I've tried, it's not overwhelming and is quite watery. I didn't actually buy this for the full price, it came as part of a kit with the bronzer featured below for the same price. I think this is a colour that work all year around and is a new favourite of mine.

This is the newly released product that has been receiving a lot of mixed reviews recently. In all honesty, I do love it but I find it a little difficult to work with. The pen is supposedly gel but to me it seems more like a crayon substance which can be seen in the line I drew with it in the picture above. Don't get me wrong, it does it's job but is very difficult to draw evenly with. I think the best thing is how well it stays. I can't complain about flaking or smudging because it really doesn't and its a great liner. A tad pricey for it's little flaws but well worth it if you worry about smudging during the day.

Eeek. I love this bronzer so much. I'm not a massive bronzer fan at all. I think too many people apply it wrong and use too much so it kind of put me off for a while. However, this is the best bronzer I have ever used. It doesn't contain any extra glitter or shimmer which is great for natural looks. It blends surprisingly well and looks so gorgeous on. It's buildable, quite matte and long lasting. It works with so well with flawless foundation and is a definite must have considering the price if you want to buy a durable, everyday bronzer.

Possibly the most reviewed benefit product on beauty blogs and it lives up to it's hype. This is honestly one of the best mascaras I own and as it's the UK's No.1 bestselling mascara I'm not surprised. It's lengthening and leaves very few visible clumps as well as adding a little black colour. It really seperates and lifts your lashes so well. It's always been my go-to daily mascara and is well worth the price. Just like the eyeliner it's got great staying power and benefit now sells a specially created remover for the they're real products. 

So there you go, a little benefit loving review for you all. I am such a huge benefit fan and next on my shopping list is their powder, concealer and cream eye-shadow. What's your favourite benefit product and are there any others you would reccommend?

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