REVIEW: Clinique's 3-Step Skin Care System

Let's talk about my skin at the moment. Not good. Frequent breakouts, big red blotches, dry skin. To be honest with you it upsets me a lot, especially because I feel bad putting makeup on damaged skin in fear of making things worse. So I'm on a repair mission, starting with the well advertised 3-Step Skin Care System from Clinique.

Step 1: Liquid Facial Soap
I think the best thing is that it's gentle. You don't feel like you're drying your skin out or over washing it but it's strong enough so that I actually does something. It lathers really easily and I absolutely love that feeling on my face. It helps calm my acne inflammation down quite a bit. There isn't much of a scent, it's more of a soapy smell but that's okay.

Step 2: Clarifying Lotion
I'm confused about my feelings towards this step. I like the idea that it's destroying all the gunk and sebum in my acne but I'm not sure if it's doing that. It stings a little, but I expect that from this kind of product. I do feel fresh after applying it though and like that it controls my redness.

Step 3: Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion
I've used this previously as my Mum got it in a free sample kit from Clinique. It's very moisturising but takes a while to work into the skin. Again, it reduces my inflammation and leaves my skin soft and clean. I'm not sure if it's blocking my pores because it seems to work quite deep however, I will continue to use this gentle lotion until I see evidence of blocked pores.

Overall, I think it's great for calming down my angry acne. I feel less pain and have less redness. Despite this, it has not helped me clear the skin, just calm and prevent more breakouts. I'm still on the hunt for my miracle cure. If you know of any brilliant acne treatments, home methods or products, please let me know in the comments and I will be eternally grateful.


  1. I used to have really dry, red patchy cheeks until I tried Celestrial from Lush. It is made for sensitive skin if you have that. I applied some of the sample and my dry patchy red cheeks were clear within a few hours. I brought some later that day as you can imagine. It is quite expensive but for me, it was definitely worth it. I don't know if this will clear up acne, but it might be worth giving it a shot xx

    1. OR you could try HERE which I just stumbled across now xx

    2. Oh wow! Sorry about the unbelievably late reply, I'm such a lazy blogger! I'd have appreciated this so much back then. Hope you're well! xx


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