My First Car

Just a short one because I'm very busy at the moment. Well, I have a car now. I think that's just about the scariest thing ever. It means I'm old and I have to be grown up and independent which are two things I'm not sure that I'm capable of. This past week, I've been driving around the field with Dad and I'm already confused and worried. I can't get it right and it's been too hot. Considering I'm a bit of a perfectionist, driving makes me angry because I can't do it. I'm dreading the lessons and I've already downloaded the theory test app. On the positive side, I'm very lucky my Dad didn't buy me a bright yellow van with purple flowers, I actually like my first car. (How many teenagers can say that with 100% certainty?) As a family, all our cars have names however, I still don't know what her name is because I can't think of anything. I will love the freedom but not driving my friends and brother around so much. It'll be nice to say 'hey, I'm just going to the shop, I'll be back' and to leave the house when I'M ready.

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