My Top 5 Real Techniques Brushes

I am a big fan of Pixiwoo and more importantly the internet's favourite makeup brushes, the Real Techniques brushes. This isn't gonna be one of those generic posts about the collection, instead I'm going to do a little review on my 5 favourites.

Multi Task Brush
This is an 'it does what it says on the tin' kind of brush because it is great for several different things. I mainly use it for powder because it leaves such a lovely finish and makes sure all the powder has blended in completely. Occasionally I'll use it for blusher but I don't like mixing what I use the brush for. However, if you're a big bronzer fan and aren't afraid to use a big brush (because it is quite big) then this is great for that too.

Expert Face Brush
This is the first Real Techniques brush I ever bought and probably the one I use most. It works so well with so many foundations and helps to create a simply flawless base. It's so soft, easy to work with and leaves such a smooth looking finish. It's also brilliant with powder, ensuring a streak-free finish. This is my favourite makeup brush in my collection.

Pointed Foundation Brush
If I'm going heavier on the foundation or want more coverage, I'll grab this brush. It makes liquid foundation so easy to buff in and if I'm having an acne attack day, I'll use this to cover bigger blemishes because it works so well at keeping my makeup even. It's not thin and greasy like most foundation brushes, it stays fluffy and thick.

Detailer Brush
The detailer brush is one I use generally every time I do my makeup. It's dainty in a good way, allowing me to cover problem areas well. Dabbing a little concealer on a spot with this ensures long lasting results. I also use it to frame around my lips, nose and eyes because it's so precise.

Domed Shadow Brush
This is possibly the easiest to use and most effective eyeshadow brush I have ever used. It's oversized which doesn't sound like a good thing but actually allows you to get a much more even finish on your eyes. It's really useful for contouring your eyes too and is so silky that the products blend like a dream.

In conclusion, all Real Techniques brushes are incredibly soft, well-made and long lasting. All of them feel amazing when applying makeup and are 100% cruelty free. They are definitely worth the money will guarantee you a great face of make-up. What are your favourite make-up brushes?

Wish List: Summer 2014

My shopping list is huge at the moment and seeing as it's summer and this was a nice easy post to do before I hop on a plane to somewhere sunny. These are just 10 little things on my wishlist I wanted to share. I hope to make this a seasonal thing.

Seeing as I have most of the Real Techniques collection and I love all of the brushes so much but, I haven't used many sponges. I thought this would be a good product to try.

I have wanted one of these FOREVER and my friend Jess talked about hers in her new blog post. Despite being the most expensive thing in this list (not taking the refills into account) I think it'd be such a great thing to own.

To clean my brushes (possible future post idea?) I usually use baby shampoo and conditioner however, I want to test a real brush cleanser and see if it makes any difference to quality and seeing as it's MAC it looks good.

99% of all reviews online have a five-star rating and I really, really want it. I sound like a whinging five year old girl but I need something new to make my skin illuminated and glowy. It also claims to help with dryness and some reviews even mention help with acne so I am so eager to give this a try.

This is also really interesting because I want to think about a different way of taking my makeup off. I strongly dislike using makeup wipes because no matter how 'gentle' they claim to be, they really dry my skin out. I have been using cleansing water and I really like it but I think this'll be kinder to my skin because the reviews have been great.

Probably the most raved about gel-liner on the internet and I still haven't tried it. I have quite a shaky hand so we'll see how good I am with a gel-liner.

I used to have MAC Studio Finish concealer and when I splurged out in benefit recently I tried this product. It is pretty similar in consistency and stays put really well whilst feeling natural on the skin.

With Topshop's lipstick range being arguably one of the best on the high-street, I own 'Macaroon' and 'Ooh La La' I love how pigmented they are so I decided I want a brighter shade and 'All About Me' is such a durable colour.

After my friend Molly posted about her super cute organiser from Paperchase (which is one of the coolest shops ever) I knew I needed one too because who doesn't need more help being organised? I want to be one of those super cool sassy women who have it all together and know exactly what they're doing.

These are so cool! They're electronic candles that still have a scent. Seeing as my parents don't trust me with hot things (I'm always burning myself) these are such a great idea for me.

What's on your summer wishlist?

Little Tips To Feel Confident In Summer

Anxiety sucks. Yeah, some of us have it worse than others and as a person who deals with anxiety everyday, I know how difficult it can be to feel confident. I feel especially vulnerable when it's summer which is exactly the opposite of how one should feel when relaxing and enjoying the sun. As a person who struggles with my body image and self-esteem, I thought this would be helpful to anyone who needs that little boost on holiday or in the warmer months.

Try something new
It doesn't matter what. A new food, an activity, a new look. Any thing new helps with creativity and happiness. You will remember that time you went jet-skiing years later even if it was a disaster and you looked like an idiot!

Buy yourself something
For a girl, shopping is always a cure for the blues. But, treating yourself to a new lipstick or a cheesy shirt that you'll probably never wear again is an instant confidence booster. On holiday, you always take more money than you need so why not embrace the opportunity to get some souvenirs so you can remember this experience for years to come?

Wear a bright colour
This is a great rule I live by. Dressing in all black may look flattering and work well in the winter but in the summer you need a little vibrancy. Neons, brights and colours all look great in the summer and help spread positivity.

Remember other people
The truth is, if your body or appearance adds to your anxiety, you need to remind yourself that most people are feeling the same as you. As my Mum would say 'everyone has their hang ups'. Forget about that for a while, make a bikini body your idea of a bikini body. Be who you want to be.

Summer playlist
Build yourself a summer playlist full of positive vibes and energy. This has certainly helped me over these past few weeks. Songs that make you feel glad to be alive, songs from your favourite movies, songs that remind you of a happy time.

Sun, sun, sun
Getting a tan after a successful week or so of sunbathing is definitely something to be proud and confident about. Use plenty of sun protection and a good aftersun to avoid burning and peeling and you're good to go. And if you can't tan or just go pink and wrinkly, get a good natural spray tan that you can pass off as real. Plus, when you get home you can brag to all your friends about how amazingly glowy and bronzed you look even if it's a lie.

Make new friends
As a person who is brilliant at accidentally making friends abroad year after year, I can't tell you how much it helps me come out of my shell. Socialising and getting to know someone new can be a great way to have a laugh. Plus, if you manage to keep in contact you'll have a part of your holiday alter-ego that you haven't lost. A friend, nobody else knows or can take from you.

Create a new you
When ever my family holiday is coming up my Mum always reminds me of this simple fact. In a different place, nobody knows you. There's no grudges, no mistakes and nothing is permanent. You can create an alter-ego of yourself but a care-free and uber-confident version. Pretend to be that film star who walks around in massive sun-glasses all day. Pretend to be a Royal Princess visting the country in disguise. Pretend you're a secret spy sent here to save the world. Yes, it seems childish but it works. If you can pretend to be that amazing, powerful, influental person, you can be that person.

REVIEW: Soap & Glory Sugar Crush

If someone asked me what my favourite smell was, I'd usually say vanilla. But, right now Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush range is a strong competitor. It's heaven. It's just heavenly in a tub. I've always loved Soap & Glory's products. They all smell incredible and have great packaging. All the Soap & Glory products are fun and generally are amazing. 

Whilst different to the usual buttery scents the the brand like to stick to, the 'sweet lime' of this product's fragrance is so good. I understand that it's probably not to everyone's tastes but, it's fresh, invigorating and certainly helps wake me up in the morning. To me, it smells like sugar covered in lime juice. I'm a huge citrus fan so this is brilliant for me.

The body was has a great creamy consistency which is easy to lather and is really moisturising. The bottle quotes to have a 'skin softening omega-rich veggie oil' which helps to make the skin so much smoother. At £6.50 it's such great value for money because the bottle is so big and I think it'll last really long.

The body scrub smells the same obviously but contains actual sugar for exfoliation. It makes the product gritty but not too harsh which means it's not destroying your skin. Using it everyday could be damaging so I suggest a couple of times a week only. It washes off easily so there's no awkward scrub particles sitting on your skin after a shower. The scrub is £8.00 which I don't mind paying because I adore this product.

Overall I'm so pleased with these products. If I were you, and if you know you're fussy, I'd smell the products before you buy them because it's a bit of an acquired  smell that might not be everyone's cup of tea. Do you love Soap & Glory products? 

My Holiday Makeup Bag 2014

I guess this is similar to a 'What's In My Makeup Bag?' which I did a post on a few months ago here. This post is a short summary of what I'm taking in my makeup bag on my family summer holiday to the beautiful island of Majorca.

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in 'Medium'
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in 'Ivory'
Simple Kind To Skin+ Perfecting BB Balm
Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Foundation in 'Honey'
Collection Lasting Perfection Powder in 'Medium'
Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder
Sleek Blush in 'Rose Gold'
Ted Baker Illuminators in 'Golden Glow' and 'Pearly Pink'

Avon Eyeshadow Primer in 'Light Beige'
No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in 'Mink', 'Carbon Matte' and 'Wheatsheaf'
Benefit They're Real! Push-Up Liner
Benefit They're Real! Mascara
Eyeko London Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in 'Black'
Rimmel Kate Moss Mascara
Natural Collection Eye Liner in 'Black'
Maybelline Browdrama Sculpting Brow Mascara in 'Dark Brown'

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick in '101'
Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick in '01'
Collection Little Mix Jade's Lipstick
Estée Lauder Pure Colour Shimmer Gloss in 'Intensive Coral'
Tanya Burr Lipgloss in 'Afternoon Tea'
Rimmel London Apolcalips Lip Lacquer in 'Luna'
Calvin Klein Lipstick in 'Desire'
Benefit Benetint
Maybelline Baby Lips
Model Co. Lip Liner in 'Illusion Nude'
Clinique Chubby Stick in 'Woppin' Watermelon'
Carmex Classic Moisturising Lip Balm

I know, I know. I'm taking too much with me. I'm on holiday and I shouldn't need this much makeup with me. But, cut me some slack, my skin's got pretty bad and I have a few products I want to try out. I'm super excited for my holiday anyway and I'm pretty sure my most used product will be my bb cream because I love how light yet effective it is. What products do you use most in the heat?

REVIEW: Freederm Skin Care

Before I went to the doctors for my acne and was prescribed 'Zineryt', I tried just about everything from Boots in order to clear my skin. I know, not best to overload your face with product but that's before I understood the damage of products on the face. Brands like Clearisil did nothing for me. But, Freederm really did make a difference for the time I used it. 

Freederm Sensitive Facial Wash
When I brought this face wash I had high expectations for Freederm because I'd heard such good things about it. The facial wash itself is quite gentle, definitely not thick, gloopy or heavy in consistence. It's not difficult to smooth all over the face. I love the fact that it's slightly pink coloured. It claims to 'control excess oil' and 'deeply cleanse pores'. It leaves my skin feeling clean and bacteria free. Personally, it's inflammatory and reduces redness. It feels like it really gets into my pores but it's not that different to other face washes really.

Freederm Daily Complex
Probably my favourite product of the three, the Daily Complex is so gentle and calming on the skin. I put it on before I go to bed and when I wake up the redness is almost completely faded and angry spots are calmer. It's also very moisturizing, so helped to restore my skin after all the products I'd piled on. It makes it easier to apply makeup, smoothing and in general improving the look and feel of my skin.

Freederm Fast Track
This is another effective product. Picture this (it's happened to all of us), you wake up on a day that you're going out and a massive volcano of a pimple has appeared on your face. This is for that kind of thing because in 3 hours it really calms down the whole spot and reduces so much inflammation. It makes it so much easier to cover with makeup and makes a kind of protective barrier.

To be honest, I would re-purchase if I hadn't already been prescribed something else which seems to be gradually working for my acne. Anyway, this stuff is great for the casual spot.

REVIEW: Simple BB Beauty Balm

One of my least favourite things about summer is the effect it has on your make-up throughout the day. Cakey, sweaty make-up is disgusting and unattractive. That's why I prefer to wear something lighter, just like Simple's Kind To Skin+ Perfection BB Beauty Balm which is my summer life saver. 

When I'm going on holiday (1 week and counting) I prefer something kinder and moisturizing for my sensitive skin. This does just that. There's no perfumes or fragrances meaning it's really gentle and soothing. With multi-vitamins and 'skin loving ingredients' it feels like it does good. It also has SPF15 protection which is a must-have for the heat. It doesn't feel like you have make-up on and, as because the shade of the cream is honestly irrelevant, it doesn't look like you have make-up on. I was a little skeptic about the 'universal colour' but when I put a little on my hand I realized that it's not far from my skin tone. There's no strange discolouration of the skin so you can avoid the tango-ed look. Furthermore, your skin looks glowing and healthy and completely refreshed.

You really don't need that much of the product for a satisfactory coverage so I'm glad that it'll last for a while. It washes off so easily and doesn't make my skin oilier, drier or any worse than it is right now. At £8.99 in Superdrug it can't fail you.