REVIEW: Freederm Skin Care

Before I went to the doctors for my acne and was prescribed 'Zineryt', I tried just about everything from Boots in order to clear my skin. I know, not best to overload your face with product but that's before I understood the damage of products on the face. Brands like Clearisil did nothing for me. But, Freederm really did make a difference for the time I used it. 

Freederm Sensitive Facial Wash
When I brought this face wash I had high expectations for Freederm because I'd heard such good things about it. The facial wash itself is quite gentle, definitely not thick, gloopy or heavy in consistence. It's not difficult to smooth all over the face. I love the fact that it's slightly pink coloured. It claims to 'control excess oil' and 'deeply cleanse pores'. It leaves my skin feeling clean and bacteria free. Personally, it's inflammatory and reduces redness. It feels like it really gets into my pores but it's not that different to other face washes really.

Freederm Daily Complex
Probably my favourite product of the three, the Daily Complex is so gentle and calming on the skin. I put it on before I go to bed and when I wake up the redness is almost completely faded and angry spots are calmer. It's also very moisturizing, so helped to restore my skin after all the products I'd piled on. It makes it easier to apply makeup, smoothing and in general improving the look and feel of my skin.

Freederm Fast Track
This is another effective product. Picture this (it's happened to all of us), you wake up on a day that you're going out and a massive volcano of a pimple has appeared on your face. This is for that kind of thing because in 3 hours it really calms down the whole spot and reduces so much inflammation. It makes it so much easier to cover with makeup and makes a kind of protective barrier.

To be honest, I would re-purchase if I hadn't already been prescribed something else which seems to be gradually working for my acne. Anyway, this stuff is great for the casual spot.

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