Little Tips To Feel Confident In Summer

Anxiety sucks. Yeah, some of us have it worse than others and as a person who deals with anxiety everyday, I know how difficult it can be to feel confident. I feel especially vulnerable when it's summer which is exactly the opposite of how one should feel when relaxing and enjoying the sun. As a person who struggles with my body image and self-esteem, I thought this would be helpful to anyone who needs that little boost on holiday or in the warmer months.

Try something new
It doesn't matter what. A new food, an activity, a new look. Any thing new helps with creativity and happiness. You will remember that time you went jet-skiing years later even if it was a disaster and you looked like an idiot!

Buy yourself something
For a girl, shopping is always a cure for the blues. But, treating yourself to a new lipstick or a cheesy shirt that you'll probably never wear again is an instant confidence booster. On holiday, you always take more money than you need so why not embrace the opportunity to get some souvenirs so you can remember this experience for years to come?

Wear a bright colour
This is a great rule I live by. Dressing in all black may look flattering and work well in the winter but in the summer you need a little vibrancy. Neons, brights and colours all look great in the summer and help spread positivity.

Remember other people
The truth is, if your body or appearance adds to your anxiety, you need to remind yourself that most people are feeling the same as you. As my Mum would say 'everyone has their hang ups'. Forget about that for a while, make a bikini body your idea of a bikini body. Be who you want to be.

Summer playlist
Build yourself a summer playlist full of positive vibes and energy. This has certainly helped me over these past few weeks. Songs that make you feel glad to be alive, songs from your favourite movies, songs that remind you of a happy time.

Sun, sun, sun
Getting a tan after a successful week or so of sunbathing is definitely something to be proud and confident about. Use plenty of sun protection and a good aftersun to avoid burning and peeling and you're good to go. And if you can't tan or just go pink and wrinkly, get a good natural spray tan that you can pass off as real. Plus, when you get home you can brag to all your friends about how amazingly glowy and bronzed you look even if it's a lie.

Make new friends
As a person who is brilliant at accidentally making friends abroad year after year, I can't tell you how much it helps me come out of my shell. Socialising and getting to know someone new can be a great way to have a laugh. Plus, if you manage to keep in contact you'll have a part of your holiday alter-ego that you haven't lost. A friend, nobody else knows or can take from you.

Create a new you
When ever my family holiday is coming up my Mum always reminds me of this simple fact. In a different place, nobody knows you. There's no grudges, no mistakes and nothing is permanent. You can create an alter-ego of yourself but a care-free and uber-confident version. Pretend to be that film star who walks around in massive sun-glasses all day. Pretend to be a Royal Princess visting the country in disguise. Pretend you're a secret spy sent here to save the world. Yes, it seems childish but it works. If you can pretend to be that amazing, powerful, influental person, you can be that person.

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