Wish List: Summer 2014

My shopping list is huge at the moment and seeing as it's summer and this was a nice easy post to do before I hop on a plane to somewhere sunny. These are just 10 little things on my wishlist I wanted to share. I hope to make this a seasonal thing.

Seeing as I have most of the Real Techniques collection and I love all of the brushes so much but, I haven't used many sponges. I thought this would be a good product to try.

I have wanted one of these FOREVER and my friend Jess talked about hers in her new blog post. Despite being the most expensive thing in this list (not taking the refills into account) I think it'd be such a great thing to own.

To clean my brushes (possible future post idea?) I usually use baby shampoo and conditioner however, I want to test a real brush cleanser and see if it makes any difference to quality and seeing as it's MAC it looks good.

99% of all reviews online have a five-star rating and I really, really want it. I sound like a whinging five year old girl but I need something new to make my skin illuminated and glowy. It also claims to help with dryness and some reviews even mention help with acne so I am so eager to give this a try.

This is also really interesting because I want to think about a different way of taking my makeup off. I strongly dislike using makeup wipes because no matter how 'gentle' they claim to be, they really dry my skin out. I have been using cleansing water and I really like it but I think this'll be kinder to my skin because the reviews have been great.

Probably the most raved about gel-liner on the internet and I still haven't tried it. I have quite a shaky hand so we'll see how good I am with a gel-liner.

I used to have MAC Studio Finish concealer and when I splurged out in benefit recently I tried this product. It is pretty similar in consistency and stays put really well whilst feeling natural on the skin.

With Topshop's lipstick range being arguably one of the best on the high-street, I own 'Macaroon' and 'Ooh La La' I love how pigmented they are so I decided I want a brighter shade and 'All About Me' is such a durable colour.

After my friend Molly posted about her super cute organiser from Paperchase (which is one of the coolest shops ever) I knew I needed one too because who doesn't need more help being organised? I want to be one of those super cool sassy women who have it all together and know exactly what they're doing.

These are so cool! They're electronic candles that still have a scent. Seeing as my parents don't trust me with hot things (I'm always burning myself) these are such a great idea for me.

What's on your summer wishlist?

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