My Top 5 Real Techniques Brushes

I am a big fan of Pixiwoo and more importantly the internet's favourite makeup brushes, the Real Techniques brushes. This isn't gonna be one of those generic posts about the collection, instead I'm going to do a little review on my 5 favourites.

Multi Task Brush
This is an 'it does what it says on the tin' kind of brush because it is great for several different things. I mainly use it for powder because it leaves such a lovely finish and makes sure all the powder has blended in completely. Occasionally I'll use it for blusher but I don't like mixing what I use the brush for. However, if you're a big bronzer fan and aren't afraid to use a big brush (because it is quite big) then this is great for that too.

Expert Face Brush
This is the first Real Techniques brush I ever bought and probably the one I use most. It works so well with so many foundations and helps to create a simply flawless base. It's so soft, easy to work with and leaves such a smooth looking finish. It's also brilliant with powder, ensuring a streak-free finish. This is my favourite makeup brush in my collection.

Pointed Foundation Brush
If I'm going heavier on the foundation or want more coverage, I'll grab this brush. It makes liquid foundation so easy to buff in and if I'm having an acne attack day, I'll use this to cover bigger blemishes because it works so well at keeping my makeup even. It's not thin and greasy like most foundation brushes, it stays fluffy and thick.

Detailer Brush
The detailer brush is one I use generally every time I do my makeup. It's dainty in a good way, allowing me to cover problem areas well. Dabbing a little concealer on a spot with this ensures long lasting results. I also use it to frame around my lips, nose and eyes because it's so precise.

Domed Shadow Brush
This is possibly the easiest to use and most effective eyeshadow brush I have ever used. It's oversized which doesn't sound like a good thing but actually allows you to get a much more even finish on your eyes. It's really useful for contouring your eyes too and is so silky that the products blend like a dream.

In conclusion, all Real Techniques brushes are incredibly soft, well-made and long lasting. All of them feel amazing when applying makeup and are 100% cruelty free. They are definitely worth the money will guarantee you a great face of make-up. What are your favourite make-up brushes?

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