REVIEW: Simple BB Beauty Balm

One of my least favourite things about summer is the effect it has on your make-up throughout the day. Cakey, sweaty make-up is disgusting and unattractive. That's why I prefer to wear something lighter, just like Simple's Kind To Skin+ Perfection BB Beauty Balm which is my summer life saver. 

When I'm going on holiday (1 week and counting) I prefer something kinder and moisturizing for my sensitive skin. This does just that. There's no perfumes or fragrances meaning it's really gentle and soothing. With multi-vitamins and 'skin loving ingredients' it feels like it does good. It also has SPF15 protection which is a must-have for the heat. It doesn't feel like you have make-up on and, as because the shade of the cream is honestly irrelevant, it doesn't look like you have make-up on. I was a little skeptic about the 'universal colour' but when I put a little on my hand I realized that it's not far from my skin tone. There's no strange discolouration of the skin so you can avoid the tango-ed look. Furthermore, your skin looks glowing and healthy and completely refreshed.

You really don't need that much of the product for a satisfactory coverage so I'm glad that it'll last for a while. It washes off so easily and doesn't make my skin oilier, drier or any worse than it is right now. At £8.99 in Superdrug it can't fail you.

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