REVIEW: Soap & Glory Sugar Crush

If someone asked me what my favourite smell was, I'd usually say vanilla. But, right now Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush range is a strong competitor. It's heaven. It's just heavenly in a tub. I've always loved Soap & Glory's products. They all smell incredible and have great packaging. All the Soap & Glory products are fun and generally are amazing. 

Whilst different to the usual buttery scents the the brand like to stick to, the 'sweet lime' of this product's fragrance is so good. I understand that it's probably not to everyone's tastes but, it's fresh, invigorating and certainly helps wake me up in the morning. To me, it smells like sugar covered in lime juice. I'm a huge citrus fan so this is brilliant for me.

The body was has a great creamy consistency which is easy to lather and is really moisturising. The bottle quotes to have a 'skin softening omega-rich veggie oil' which helps to make the skin so much smoother. At £6.50 it's such great value for money because the bottle is so big and I think it'll last really long.

The body scrub smells the same obviously but contains actual sugar for exfoliation. It makes the product gritty but not too harsh which means it's not destroying your skin. Using it everyday could be damaging so I suggest a couple of times a week only. It washes off easily so there's no awkward scrub particles sitting on your skin after a shower. The scrub is £8.00 which I don't mind paying because I adore this product.

Overall I'm so pleased with these products. If I were you, and if you know you're fussy, I'd smell the products before you buy them because it's a bit of an acquired  smell that might not be everyone's cup of tea. Do you love Soap & Glory products? 


  1. I really enjoyed this post! I usually say vanilla too, but lately I have been loving loads of other scents. I will try out these products now xx
    Paige //The Joys Of Being Paige

    1. Your comments always make me smile Paige!


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