My First MAC Lipstick: 'Fanfare'

I'm way too excited about this post. I went overboard to make it look pretty with fake flowers in the pictures and lots of colour but, in reality it's a little sad. It's sad in the sense that this is my first MAC lipstick because come on, everybody has one. I have just bought my first MAC lipstick to add to my big collection of lipsticks because for me, there is nothing like a good lippy.

You all know what the packaging looks like but I really was excited okay? It's probably a lot more exciting for me than you though..

I knew when I went into the shop that I wanted a Cremesheen finish because the countless reviews I'd read had made out that they would be the easiest and nicest to work with. It's pigmented well and glides on so nicely. The creamy texture is still very buildable but doesn't need a lot to higlight the lips. I. It's got great staying power, in my experience the colour stayed on for around 3/4 hours which is a relief considering how much I talk, drink and eat in the day. I wanted a colour that was wearable at all times of day and something that would work for school too. The staying power and light creamy shade is very durable and ticks all the boxes.

(This picture makes it look a lot darker than it is..) even though I'm pretty crap at this tone kinda thing, MAC describes Fanfare as a mid-tone yellow-pink. I'm not sure it's a very accurate description as it seems more of a medium pink-nude to me. As I say I don't really have a grasp on the undertones thing but it doesn't seem very yellow to me (sorry to the experts for me being clueless). 

Despite the rude overpricing of these lipsticks at £15.50 each, I absolutely adore this. I have a feeling I'll be wearing it all autumn along with a few cheaper, drugstore berry shades. Oh, the vanilla scent is also such a nice part of this product so despite the price I can't fault it. MAC lippies are worth the hype, trust me. What colours do you think I should try in the future?

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  1. I only have one MAC lipstick and love it to death although I wish I had bought something in the cremesheen finish though! Fanfare is such a beautiful colour but Patisserie is defiantly top of my list!
    I would love it if you took a look at my blog xx



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