A Little Lush Haul

Online shopping is a killer. Not only do I go crazy in Mac, Lush always gets a fair bit of money too. I bought most of these as gifts anyway (she says if she can bear to part with them) so it's all okay. I just need to restrain myself from doing another haul before Christmas... Also apologies if you know me, read my blog and recieve one of these for Christmas.. Surprise!

Celestial Moisturiser
To put it simply, I needed a new moisturiser. I read the reviews on this one and I splashed some cash. The ingredients all seem healthy and most important rejuvinating which is what I need for my face right now. I have yet to try it but when I do I will probably rave about it for the whole of 2015.

I mostly bought this because they looked cute and they are such good value for money. I actually managed to add three to the basket (oops) but I can't stress how sweet and easy these are as gifts. Plus, anything with cocoa butter is a must.

D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap
Having suffered a few accidental shaving cuts recently (most of which bled for ages and will most definitely scar), I was on a mission to find a foolproof shaving soap. I also cannot explain how amazing it smells. It can be used everywhere and just leaves my skin clean and cut free.

Think Pink
Another, great value for money type of product. The smell is incredible. Vanilla and tonka. It makes the bath water all pink too so that's fun!

Ugh, just the best bath bomb ever. Don't be fooled by the plain white look, it's so unbelivably good. It's nourishing and most of all relaxing and a butterball bath is heaven after a stressful week. Paying £2.65 doesn't break the bank either.

I genuinely love the design of this one. A lavendery/caramelly odd scent, but a relaxing one none the less. It claims to help with sleep so I really want to try this as I have been so worked up recently.

Cosmetic Warrior Mask
I have wanted to try this for soooooo long. A mask that claims to help with acne? Yes please. My acne needs to be calmed down. I'm forever trying this sort of thing with very minimal results so I'll let you know how I get on with this one in the long run.

Space Girl
A fun, easy, really colourful bath bomb. It's just uplifting and smells out of this world if you pardon the space themed pun.

This purely just reminds me of all things autumnal/wintery. It's reminiscent of a roaring fire and the heat and warmth when you've been in the cold. It's so vibrant and firery.

What Lush products do you reccommend I try next?