10 Essential Rules of Beauty

I am not an expert. I do not claim to be and I know very well that I will never be. But I have mastered the basics of the beauty world and here are my ten slightly cheesy/inspirational tips for you in the least pretentious way possible.
  1. DO have fun with it. Not everyone has to aim for the Kylie Jenner lips and the perfect eyeliner flick. Find your own techniques and styles but mix it up. If you want to try a blue lipstick or a green highlighter, you make it work and you go for it girl.
  2. DON'T damage your skin with products. Never overload your face with endless cakey foundation or try too many skin/acne products at once. It's often more damaging than helpful.
  3. DO take your makeup off every night before bed. Makeup wipes, cleansing water, face wash. Let your skin breathe. Have a makeup free day once in a while because as wonderful as your face is, it deserves a break from product.
  4. DON'T compare yourself to others. We all do it, I do it everyday. But if someone has amazing cheekbones in a magazine just think 'photoshop, photoshop, photoshop'. Think about the things you genuinely like about yourself that others don't have (my skin tone) and remind yourself of those everyday.
  5. DO wash your makeup brushes regularly or make sure your fingers are clean if you use them. Otherwise, you're just creating more bacteria and more spots and think about how much nicer a clean brush feels and looks.
  6. DON'T share products that aren't hygienically safe to share. Yes, your friends do wash (hopefully) but you should still use your own brushes and use clean fingers with any product you're borrowing or just don't do it all.
  7. DO swatch before you buy. Testers are there for a reason. There's nothing worse than having a little spending spree then realising what you bought totally doesn't suit you and is a waste of money (I'm looking at you 'Maybelline The Falsies mascara' and 'Mac Costa Chic lipstick').
  8. DON'T feel pressured to spend a lot of money on beauty. I buy quite a few bits of makeup I would consider 'high end/luxury' products but some of my best finds are from the sales and reductions in the drugstore. You don't have to spend even £5 to find an amazing value product.
  9. DO try and work with your outfit or occasion. Going all out for a party with glitter and red lip is totally worth it. But, for a funeral or a job interview, not so much.
  10. DON'T conceal the real you. You have potential and natural beauty. Makeup isn't about changing yourself, it's about enhancing what you already have.

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