Miracle Skin Treatments at Home

Following on from last weeks post, a good foundation can make your skin look and feel amazing. But in all honesty, dumping layers of creams, oils and gels on your face constantly is damaging and if used excessively and not effectively permanently damaging. I'm guilty. The second I find a 5 star reviewed product, I'm on the hunt for the next. And after a stressful time the last thing I want to do is ruin my skin.

However, looking after your skin naturally goes a long way to improve the overall quality of your face.  Now when I say keeping it basic with things around the house, I'm not talking about the 11 year old's 'toothpaste trick' which is just likely to cause scarring. 
I actually love using the gross but very effective egg white/honey mask. When I need a skin detox that isn't full of chemicals I 'whisk' one of these up and am always pleantly surprised with the results. If you can succesfully seperate an egg white from the yolk (which is the hard bit) and mix it with honey then you can easily use this. Once both ingredients are combined, tie hair back and lather the face mask on your skin. Be careful to avoid the eye area. Once you feel the mask tighten you know it's ready to wash off and this should be after around 15 minutes.

Despite being very unappealing to layer on your face, egg whites have amazing benefits. They tighten pores and also prevent a buildup of dirt which can lead to blackheads and bad acne breakouts. As well as this, they remove excess oil to improve skin tone, leaving your skin with a naturally desirable glow. Honey is also very beneficial for your skin. A natural antibacterial which soothes, moistursies and smoothes unlike any face cream you've tried.

The other product that is natural and equally effective is tea tree oil. This is no newbie but the only spot treatment I stand by for speed. A dab of neat tea tree oil on a massive spot before bed is a true winner. It quickly reduces size, redness and inflamation of the zit and never fails me. I use it every night but am extremely careful. It hurts, a lot, when you get tea tree oil in your eye and I would know. *Inserts awkward pity laughter* 

Are there any homemade/natural treatments you swear by?

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