REVIEW: Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush

Finding a 'Holy Grail' blusher is a huge deal for me. For the majority of 2014 I used my 'Sleek Rose Gold' blusher which is such a beautiful colour and finish that I probably went through about three pots of it. Then I became a little more aware of 'Mac' and purchased both 'Springsheen' and 'Style' two shades which are quite subtle yet very wearable. That bring us to now and after a fair amount of snooping around on the internet, I decided to try out some 'Too Faced' products because I'd never owned any before. It wasn't until adding the three items I wanted to my basket that I realised, 'Too Faced' doesn't directly ship to the UK. *Crying face* Debenhams however stocked limited 'Too Faced' products so I got one out of the three I wanted and purchased one of the 'Sweethearts Perfect Flush' Blushers. (Better Than Sex mascara, I'm coming for you).

Now, let me start off by saying that I certainly had high expectations for this one. Every review I'd read one the internet seemed to praise the company and it's blushers too. I was pleasantly surprised actually. The packaging, which may be too much for some, was very appealing to me with a shocking shade of pink and gold detailing. It just looks high quality and pretty and very pink. 

It is, indeed, very pink. I am so impressed with the pigmentation of each of the three shades. I guess, if you wanted, you could only use one by using a finer brush. However, I mixed all three and applied directly to my cheeks with a 'Real Techniques Blusher Brush' and I think I've found a new favourite. The colour is so gorgeous and for lack of better word 'springy'. I do think that I'll be wearing this throughout spring and summer 2015 with some of my brighter lipsticks. As well as this, the sheeny/glowy finish is just incredible. I feel so radiant wearing it that I keep trying to catch the light, ahaha! The glitter isn't overpowering like some cheek products are (which I HATE). It's definitely workable so you could apply lightly for a very subtle wash of colour or you could go full out as long as it's blended well. 

I'm considering using the phrase 'Holy Grail' but it's only been one day so I'll restrain myself right now. As I said, I have my eyes on the 'Better Than Sex Mascara' but I'll have to find another way of buying it. Any ideas? Anything else from 'Too Faced' I should look at?

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