A Trip To Radio 1!

I'll spare you the long winded version of how I had the opportunity to go behind the scenes of the BBC, I'll keep it short. We entered a competition, we danced to 'Shake It Off', we got invited to London. I have always wanted to work in the media. I am in love with the idea of creating something to make people feel something and visiting the BBC was a literal dream come true.

The day included a tour of the buildings and visiting places the general public couldn't such as the actual studios and the news room. Our lovely tour guide/ mentor was James Clark, a producer at Radio 1.

We sat on the One Show sofa and it was very interesting to see how small the set actually was compared to how it looks on the screen. We saw Fearne Cotton, Scott Mills, Chris Stark, Fiona, Ian and many other famous faces and we spoke to Dev, Matt Fincham and wait-for-it Nick Grimshaw. It was all very surreal. Having a go on the radio (not live of course) was terrifying but so amazing at the same time. 

It was all incredibly exciting, especially as working for a company like the BBC on film and television sets is my dream and ultimate goal. I'm so grateful for this opportunity and was so overwhelmed by the brilliance of it all. I was really in my element and pushed myself out of my comfort zone a lot for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Me 1, anxiety 0.

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