REVIEW: Benefit Roller Lash

It's no big secret how much I love Benefit as a brand. They're quirky and pretty and most of their products are holy grail for me. I absoloutely love the 'They're Real!' mascara, my favourite product from Benefit. Elle magazine's free gift this month is a sample size of Benefit's new masacra 'Roller Lash' and I have never been so excited about a mascara launch ever. 

I was expecting a lot as a huge 'They're Real!' fangirl. And luckily, I was pleased with the mini tester I tried from Elle. My lashes look fuller, separated and surprisingly longer too. I'm impressed by the colour difference too and just how much more awake I look with this mascara applied. The curl it claims to give is subtle but feminine and fluttery nonetheless.

As always with Benefit, the packaging is adorable yet sophisticated and very girly. It certainly looks high end anyway. The brush itself is plastic and this pleases me as I dislike bristled brushes a majority of the time. It's also slightly curved, allowing you to reach all your eyelashes for an even coat. The formula is really nice and feels very natural. 

However, I'm in two minds about the longevity of this product. It kept it's place well and my eyelashes didn't sag throughout a 9 hour work shift. However, it was a little smudgy in the corners of my eyes at around the 4 hour mark and I was starting to wish I'd bought a cotton bud with me. 

Overall, I'm really impressed with this new release and will be saving my pennies for when the product hits the counters. 

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