Empties #1

Recently, I've been trying to use up a lot of products before splashing the cash on new ones. Gasp. I'm terrible, if something doesn't work instantly, I take a long time to pick it up and try it again. So, these are a few of my 'empties' from the last few weeks. 

Lush Grease Lighting Spot Treatment
Fast working, effective and calming on the skin. Perfect for that big zit that you woke up with this morning. It tones down redness and makes things feel less angry. However, it's never really done a lot for my small irritant pimples. Nevertheless, I use this on angry spots because it's great for that. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
High coverage, amazing lasting power and nice to blend, this is the ultimate drugstore concealer for me. I've bought so many tubes of this and have different colours to work with my skin tone at all times of year. This particular tube is so used the writing on the packaging has faded completely...

La Roche-Possay Effaclar Duo+
I used to swear by this stuff and still use it regularly enough to make it an 'empty' but it doesn't have the same wow factor it once did. I think my skin actually prefers the original product (not the + version) as it seemed to clear my skin faster. Pricey but worth it.

Simple Kind To Skin Protecting Light Moisturiser
As it states, it is simple but it really works wonders for me when I need a light moisturiser. Especially when I'm dealing with severe acne breakouts and want to tone down the chemicals and irritation. It's basic but I use this product so often I find myself repurchasing at least 4 times a year. Every weather, holidays, before bed, before makeup, after showers.

Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder
I have yet to find a powder I prefer, anywhere. A staple in both my collection and makeup bag every single day. A definite must have for summer when I start looking shinier and sweaty. (Ew. I cannot express to you how much I dislike summer. It's seriously my least favourite season).

La Roche-Possay Effaclar A.I.
A targeted breakout corrector which is again pricey but a french miracle. Working on the worst areas of the skin to calm breakouts and clusters of spots. I used up this little tube so quickly as I applied it day and night nearly everyday for a good month or so. 

Does this mean I can try new things now?

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