REVIEW: Lush Lemony Flutter & Helping Hands

I have bitten my nails since I was a tiny child. It's horrible, I know that. Then I had a problem with false nails which I would stick with for a few days then rip off. All in all, my nails were a damaged mess. However, after years of struggle, I have been very good and am very proud of myself because they have reached a substantial length. My brittle nails do break VERY easily though because of the several years worth of damage. So, I popped into LUSH and invested in some fresh, gorgeous smelling hand and nail care. 

Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter
It's a  bit of a multi-use wonder product, this one. It's amazing at controlling the cuticles, rubs in really easily and moisturises the nail at the same time. It's important to look after your cuticles as they are part of your skin which serves to protect the nail matrix, the part that your nail grows from. Whilst smelling absolutely incredible (think sherbet lemons), it's also great for any dry bits on the body especially elbows and heels. A mixture of natural butters and oils means that the neglected areas will be cared for after just a few applications.

Helping Hands Hand Cream
Designed for nurses and people who are constantly washing their hands, this is the ultimate hand cream from LUSH. It sinks in quickly and rejuvenates dry and cracked hands. It's not too greasy but makes hands look clean and soft. It doesn't have a particular smell but incorporates honey (a natural antiseptic), chamomile (reduces redness), African marigold oil (sore, broken skin), lavender and several butters. It moisturises well into my nails. And always, LUSH doesn't test on animals so that's a brilliant bonus.

I'm hoping they will recover eventually and I dream of long, perfectly maincured nails to show off and paint in pretty colours. Then, and only then, can I upload a nail varnish picture to instagram and use the nail emoji as a caption.

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