'The Moment'

You're sitting on this hill
and slowly but breathtakingly
the sun sinks between the trees
with a pop and a sizzle and a bang
everything is fireworks
the sky erupts in orange and pink and purple and
there are so many colours it nearly breaks your heart
you see all the colours
you feel all the colours
all the hope and beauty and wonder and
you are a part of it
and this is the moment you chose to live

your best friend holds you because you're telling her everything
you tell her how everything was dark for so long
how you're still so scared to see in colour

but you're watching your friends be children
clutching onto the little youth there is left
silly games of 'it' and laughing till we can't breathe
picking handfuls of grass to throw
and taking silly pictures for our walls
holding hands on the walk back
singing songs lyrics we'll never forget
and the colour soaks back into your cheeks

This is the moment that life burned with colour
and you chose to live
and the sky celebrated the end
or was it the beginning?
- e.w.

(A lovely friend (Rosie) convinced me that my writing was actually good so I'm going to start posting some of my poems on Sundays which terrifies me but I'm actually quite proud of some of these haha!)

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