'You Could Be A Poet'

You could be a poet 

you told me this sometime after you left

and I think that was the biggest heart break 

realising I had never told you
never shared my love of poems and how much of me is poetry
I had never let you inside
never showed you the lines that I hide between 

never let you see the sentences I form in the dark
never showed you what my mind could do when it was drowning 

because you could not handle that 

but it’s a part of me
words flow out of me like blood 
flowing from an open wound 

if I ripped my skin open 

I’m sure all you would find 

is a stack of metaphors 

words I long to put on the page
and an endless list of quotes


I heal with words 

I learn with words
I suffer through words 

words put me together and words rip me apart
the only word you knew how to use was sorry
you can’t make something beautiful with one word
but you sure as hell can ruin it 


REVIEW: Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose

I think one of the best compliments to receive, is being told you smell nice. Better yet, being told you smell amazingI have been lusting over this fragrance for so long so it only felt right to pick it up at the airport this year. This perfume is so gorgeous and I have been given so many compliments on it that it has automatically become my favourite scent. Even my best friend tells me every Saturday that she knows I've walked into work without having to look up because she knows I'll be wearing this. I've never really found a perfume I can say is 'my signature scent', but this is it. This is like my holy grail fragrance (big statement, right?). 

To begin with, the packaging is so pretty it's hard to fault. It just looks so elegant on my dressing table. The bottle is clear and purple and has a little ribbon rose around the top. Although carrying any perfume bottle is difficult, I think this is manageable to put in a bag. It's described as 'radiant'.

'Inspired by the most romantic hour, just before midnight, when magic tints the sky a violet hue. It is the moment when anything is possible.'
Fragrance Note
Top notes: raspberry rose absolute
Heart: jasmine, peony, currant buds, pink pepper

Base: Virginian cedar, musk and vanilla
The scents I pick up on most are the raspberry rose, jasmine and vanilla which together make this perfume incredibly feminine, light and sweet. It's such a divine, sugary scent. It's warm but not overpowering and it seems to genuinely last for a majority of the day. I'd describe it as uplifting and musky at the same time. Alluring, romantic and floral, this perfume is just gorgeous and I will 100% be repurchasing once I inevitably run out of it.