6 Major Projects for 2016

NEW YEAR, NEW ME. JOKESSSSS. New Year's resolutions. Who need's them, eh? Let's be realistic for a second and admit the truth, I won't do everything I set out to do this year. But I promise you that I'll sure as hell try.

Bedroom Makeover

I know, I know. Again. But I'm seriously lusting over a grey, blush and copper interior. My bed is already on it's way, I'm deciding on a copper spray paint and have bought enough bedding to cover my floor. This is my chance to do something very much grown up and to throw a lot of stuff out. I'm sure I'll share this with you. Check out my mood board for this look on pinterest here.

Saving Money
It's no big secret that I spend way too much. And very little of it is in actual shops, I'm an online shopper addict. My postman hates me. I'm a bit of a sucker for a bargain, so I see one and instantly think I need several 99p keyrings from eBay and then I have to pay postage. I also love splurging the cash on the more luxury items and it's creating too much drama. I plan to put £50-£150 (depending how generous work has been) in the bank every month, £5 in my emergency account and only allow myself £50 on online shopping a month. What a chore. But this also means I will get out more I guess.

I want to make stuff. I've written so many short films I want to create for my University portfolio and to really express my love for film. I want to write more poetry and probably not but let's hope I can finish a draft of one of my novels.

Getting Fit
Doesn't need much explanation and is probably the hardest in reality but, I'm gonna do it. I'm done with excuses. I'm very inexperienced so instead off putting myself off by jumping in the deep end, I'll start slow and work my way up. I also want to note the fact I said 'getting fit' instead of 'loosing weight'. Obviously weight loss is my ultimate goal but that comes with time and being plus-sized but healthy is still better than nothing. I'll also cook more and sleep more. AND I'VE GOTTA DRINK MORE WATER.

Working On My Blog
I've done a lot for 2016 already, believe it or not! Today, I bought a custom domain (farewell to blogspot.co.uk, sad times) and I am now on www.lifeofelana.com. EXCITING. I've started pushing my Facebook posts and doing a lot of research into my blogging. I'm thinking of changing theme, again. I need some proper photo editing software if I can afford it with my budget (oh, I know my edits are awful but everyone's gotta start from the bottom). I'm going to try my best to post consistently and to enjoy blogging whole-heartedly. And maybe, maybe... I'll start making videos for YouTube but it's gonna take a lot of persuasion to post that inevitably badly lit and edited clip of me pretending I know what I'm talking about when it comes to makeup.

Find Inner Peace

I'm a mess 75% of the time and while I strongly believe emotions are natural and an unchangeable part of me, I know I'm capable of being a lot happier. I'm not saying I won't cry at least once a week, but I'm going to work hard to keep getting back up after. I'm incredibly lucky when I really think about it and this year I'm going to take baby steps to become a calm and collected adult (yikes).

What are your realistic goals for the year ahead? Any tips for me on any of mine? Let's do this 2016.

You Do You And I'll Do Me...

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you had a great time celebrating. I'm starting the year as positively as possible. So, sorry to start the year off with a rant but I promise it has a positive message. 

Over the past year I've become increasingly agitated by those who wish to make a comment about my makeup and skin. Wether it be a bad contour colour, a crap application of false lashes or because I like wearing dark lipsticks, it annoys me that friends and family think it's okay to point out my makeup mishaps. I'm learning, I'm far from perfect and it's my right to wear my face the way I like it. 

I am no expert nor do I claim to be. I'm damn awful at contouring, I overpluck my eyebrows and I pick foundations in the wrong colour. I just know a little more than a majority of my friends and help them with things beauty related. The truth is, I am just a girl who abuses her 25% work discount on makeup and watches a lot of youtube tutorials. (True.) 

I wear makeup because I like to feel better about myself and it is a creative outlet for me. It's a hobby. It's what I enjoy. Yes, I wear a lot on my face and spend a lot of money on stuff when I probably don't need to but I have acne and being able to cover that makes me feel good. 

It's completely acceptable if I'm not properly blended or my liner has smudged for someone to kindly point it out. I appreciate that. But I make choices for myself. Boys tell me dark lipsticks are unattractive. My Dad asks how many 'layers' I have on. My spotless friends suggest I wash my face better. I would never do the same. I have only made the exception when I know someone would want to know if something wasn't right and it could be fixed easily. Once my friend had a peel off mask on the night before and it didn't come off properly because, well, they never do. I gently told her about it and we laughed it off and I helped her sort it out. I've also suggested people wash their brushes because i'm a hygiene freak. However, I would never tell someone their blusher was to bright, their eyebrows were too dark or their lipstick wasn't the right shade because it's as much that person's choice as it is mine to wear what I want how I want. 

I also do not need people telling me I'm making my skin worse with what I wear or how much I wear. I know what works for me. The trial and error process of cleansers and toners, foundations and powders is constantly ongoing but I understand my skin now. I cannot begin to explain the number of times I have decided to touch up my eyeliner or conceal a few blemishes at school and have been shouted at because I am doing it. I have been called 'vain' or 'self obsessed' when it's more along the lines of 'perfectionist' and 'self-concious'. People who know these things (and how incredibly sensitive I am) still think it's funny to steal my makeup, touch my face because they know I don't like it or tell me I'm wearing too much makeup. I hope I've never deliberately upset someone knowing their weaknesses. It sucks. 

On the other end of the spectrum people make unnecessary comments about my skin on the occasions I don't wear a lot of makeup ('are you sick?' 'you look really pale' 'has it been a bad night?' 'what's happened?' 'your anxiety must be bad' 'you're brave to leave the house' 'wow I can't believe you're not wearing makeup'). I need positvity and covering my flaws and feeling comfortable in myself is a huge step towards that but the same time, I'm not someone who will put makeup on if I'm going to a friends house, going somewhere but coming straight back home or if I'm staying in all day. People are used to seeing me with a full face at school, work and socially so are 'shocked' and make a huge deal when I am facially naked infront of them. They don't like it either way. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. 

What I'm trying to say is, you are 100% free to wear exactly what you want, when and how you want to and shouldn't feel bad about that. Wear a statement lipstick for a day of English lessons, go bare faced to the supermarket, wear an extreme colour just because you feel brave enough to. As Queen Madonna said 'express yourself'. Don't let anyone stop you, don't let other people's opinions control you. 

You do you and I'll do me. 

'No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.' 
- Eleanor Roosevelt