Tuesday, 5 April 2016

My Everyday Makeup Routine | Tartlette In Bloom

Guys! I filmed an actual video! It's horrible quality, my makeup skills are awful and I sound very ill in the video but hey, gotta start somewhere! I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Life Update #5: Working Towards My Goals

I am, by nature, a negative person. The things I deal with day to day get easier and I am stronger than I've ever been, but my mind is still partly filled with negativity. A positive mindset is something I never thought I could have but am truthfully working very hard towards.

In January I wrote a post entitled '6 Major Projects for 2016', something along the lines of New Year's resolutions. I wasn't entirely sure I could manage any of them at the time, given my physical and mental state. I'm so proud to say I'm doing well in working towards my goals.

Starting my journey to become a positive person has given me so much opportunity. The vlogging I did whilst in Disneyland last month (sigh) was such a great experience as it is something I did not have the confidence to begin to do at home, surrounded by people I know who would question and judge me for it. I felt relaxed talking to a camera; laughing my ugly laugh, showing all my chins and even going without makeup for some of the vlog. I love the fact that I can look back on these memories in video form and that it gives me a new platform to express my creativity. I really do love vlogging and editing these videos. I hope in the future I can find more confidence to whip the camera out at home.

I'm socialising more; pushing myself out of the house when I feel like I don't want to. Taking into consideration my anxiety and the way I act socially, I am extremely proud of myself. I have weekly schedules and to do lists everywhere to manage my time better. They help me regulate my diet/fitness, sleep and everything I need to get done. I'm eating so well, keeping a food diary to track my habits but not punishing myself for having the occasional biscuit on a Sunday afternoon. I'm exercising more and surprisingly enjoying it (a majority of the time). 

I have created a bedroom that was almost entirely designed, paid for and decorated by myself. It is always (impeccably) tidy which is a comfort to me. It's a place that expresses me as a person but is still aesthetically pleasing. I am cracking down hard on my financing, from the Netflix subscription to the eyeshadow palette. I'm totally aware of why I need to save and how much I am earning and spending each month, a huge improvement from last year.

It's important to feel supported not only by others but also by yourself. I am lucky. I have the close friends I rely on for the extra boost, who make sure I know I'm appreciated. I have a family who support me endlessly and give me the freedom to pursue all of my little projects. I've had to cut off the negativity. I've stopped worrying about people who don't worry about me. I've cut out the people who laugh at my goals and do not support me. But at the end of the day, I am my own motivation. Everything I'm changing and becoming is for myself, for my own mentality. I strive to be completely at ease with myself and to spread positivity throughout everything I do. Hopefully.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Mac Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish

It's a cult classic and probably Mac's most famous mineralize skinfinish. My love for Soft & Gentle is unconditional. No matter what, this gorgeous product has never failed me. It's subtle and most definitely soft and gentle but it still has an incredible golden/pink pigment that can be built up for a more intense look. The powder blends and sits beautifully on the skin, never highlighting my imperfections and it photographs wonderfully. It truly is a holy grail product and one that I can never see myself without.