The Week of Lasts

It's Sunday evening and I'm feeling generally emotional about the week ahead of me. In a week, I will no longer have to attend school and I'm a combination of nostalgic, excited and terrified. We've celebrated with our gala last week and although we'll be back for exams; it's the dreaded final week. And we're all feeling the emotions. 

At some point this week I'll have a lot of lasts. The last time I'll stand on the Sinden stage. The last time we'll all have lunch together. The last time I'll moan about double english. The last time I'll look over the hill. The last time I'll edit on a mac in my media teacher's room. The last time I'll be with my classes. The last time I'll see half of my year. The last time I'll feel guilty about a panini from the pod. The last time I'll have to park up the world's worst road. The last time I'll fight over the sofa with my friends. The last time I'll moan about the language of the kids in the hallway. The last time I'll forget to sign in. The last time I'll be in the print room, the library, the sports hall, the canteen, the mansion. The last time we're all gonna be together at once. 

Goodbye to stupid breakups. Goodbye to the teachers who helped my pass. Goodbye to the teachers who gave more life advice than my friends. Goodbye to the friends who taught me more than teachers. Goodbye to bullies and enemies and petty arguments. Goodbye to the people who made my life hell. Goodbye to mistakes and the lessons I learnt outside the classroom. Hello to the future. 

There are new kids in our old lunch spots now. There are girls who are spending their break time in the toilets, fixing their makeup and their hair; just like I used to. There are new boys trying to impress girls who just don't care. There are insecure children just like we were, children who don't know what and who to pick. Teachers will change, classes will be redecorated, rules will adapt and if the next generation is lucky, blazers will be forgotten and sex ed will be a lot better. 

They say your school years are the best of your life. I used to think that could never be true but, looking back there really were more good times than bad. Too many memories to count, too many awkward cringe worthy moments to look back on. We moan about our school and it's organisation skills are hideous but it could honestly be a million times worse. I'm so grateful I spent 7 years surrounded by such great people who I've only recently come to realise have always supported me. They are honestly going to achieve so much. And I'm so excited for the lasts to turn into firsts. 

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  1. I love this Elana. I left homewood last year and trust me when i say the first can be just as emotional as the lasts. I love reading your blog, i relate to so much that you write! Leaving a place you have been for so long is difficult (i would know!) But moving onto bigger things is an amazing oppurtunity. It gets easier saying the goodbyes x


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