100 MORE Things That Currently Make Me Happy

Back in early 2015, I wrote a blog post entitled '100 Things That Currently Make Me Happy'. Whilst some of those are still relevant (clean makeup brushes, mojitos, Neil Patrick Harris, mozzarella sticks) others are outdated and cringe worthy (Zalfie, laughing when someone trips over, when you can see the stars) and I feel that this list needs an update. So tonight I bring you another 100 things that currently make me happy.

  1. my best friend's mums
  2. taking my lashes off after a long day
  3. driving my new car
  4. Ian Somerhalder
  5. vanilla milkshake
  6. having a nap with Charlotte
  7. holiday friends
  9. being complimented on my makeup
  10. editing my vlogs
  11. Breakfast At Tiffany's
  12. the fact that my skin is clearing up
  13. All The Bright Places
  14. doing my friends eye makeup
  15. the Dirty Dancing soundtrack
  16. my friends being so bloody happy that it makes my heart hurt
  17. when Morgan's in a good mood
  18. Katherine Pierce/ Katerina Petrova
  19. Canterbury
  20. asos orders
  21. Strawberry Daiquiris
  22. Fortesa Latifi
  23. my trench coat
  24. The Princess Diaries
  25. my feel good playlist
  26. the fact that I actually got into Uni
  27. Song For Zula by Phosphorescent
  28. saying 'peachy keen jelly bean' and pretending I'm Rizzo
  29. Chuck and Blair
  30. spending time with Megan
  31. Much Ado About Nothing
  32. good brow days
  33. watching Come Dine With Me with Morgan
  34. getting drunk enough not to care what people think about me
  35. Fix You by Coldplay live
  36. when the last customer leaves at work
  37. Charlotte being the first person to watch my vlogs
  38. the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette
  39. this scene in TVD
  40. fast repliers (aka not Charlotte)
  41. Julie Andrews 
  42. copper decoration
  43. the fact that PLL has actually been good recently
  44. finishing a poem that has been in pieces for too long
  45. Loren's reaction when Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Elton John, Michael Jackson or Walk The Moon starts playing
  46. Cemetery Junction
  47. wearing clothes I actually like instead of clothes to hide my insecurities
  48. people trying to assassinate Donald Trump
  49. how excited I am for I'm A Celeb to start
  50. Lil swearing
  51. my Mum
  52. my Mum being drunk
  53. my Mum being a legend
  54. temporarily forgetting how broke I am
  55. that fact that T-Swizzle is allegedly recording new music
  56. coconut oil
  57. the Salvatores
  58. Lil plaiting my hair
  59. YSL Black Opium
  60. dancing in my underwear
  61. AUTUMN
  62. buying sunglasses
  63. How I Met Your Mother (like apart from the finale what was that lol)
  64. the fact that slugs just disappear in the day
  65. Audrey Hepburn
  66. talking about makeup
  67. the most awkward hug ever
  68. makeup
  69. makeup tutorials
  70. makeup hauls
  71. makeup related stuff
  72. Majorca
  73. baby faced Johnny Depp
  74. the really effing good days
  75. the dull ache and buzz after finishing a series
  76. 'baked in a buttery flaky crust'
  77. Covent Garden
  78. everything about Disneyland with Charlotte
  79. the Caramel Swirl in Quality Street
  80. parked car conversations
  81. binge watching RuPaul's Drag Race
  82. blow drying my hair
  83. texting Megan
  84. when someone finally starts watching a show I love
  85. taking off my uniform
  86. the fact I never have an English lesson again
  87. A Certain Romance by Arctic Monkeys
  88. Moakes
  89. strawberry and banana smoothies
  90. hearing the rain outside when you're in bed
  91. people being soppy in group chat
  92. people being savage in group chat
  93. potato salad
  94. the fact that I'm going to Uni with my two favourite people in the world
  95. clean sheets
  96. the fact that I fake tanned for the first time and it actually went well
  97. hair growth
  98. my grandparents
  99. the fact that Charlotte and Lil booked Bridget Jones tickets, went to see Bridget Jones, sat down to watch Bridget Jones but didn't watch Bridget Jones because it's not on till next week
  100. custard

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