15 Reasons Why I'm So Friggin' Excited For Autumn

Thank god summer's nearly over! Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the vitamin D and the optimism I gained from the warmer months this year but I'm welcoming darker mornings and colder weather with open arms.

Okay so autumn is an interesting one. It's my favourite season for sure. I like the in between too hot and too cold months (aka. autumn and spring). Autumn fills me with cosy thoughts of soft blankets and pyjamas and candles and all those beautiful warm colours that make my heart feel fuzzy. 

But autumn is also a struggle for me mentally, when everything's just a bit darker. It's harder to sleep, harder to focus, I'm always tired and the sad can creep back in easily... I'm gonna try not to let it win this time.

Then again, October is my birthday month and that's exciting. I'm definitely going to make it a birthday week this year, I have so many important people to celebrate with.

Anyway, here's my list of 15 reasons why I'm so excited for autumn!

1) Plum lipsticks that don't work at any other time of the year that make you look majestic and a lot more interesting than you are. I can whip out the old Glastonberry by Charlotte Tilbury, at last. Hallelujah!

2) Having a good old moan about all the Christmas talk which is only made worse by the working in retail where Christmas plans are made about 4 months too early.

3) It's the perfect time to binge watch Harry Potter and wish you could go to Hogwarts instead of university.

4) The thought of diving head first into and kicking up red, brown and yellow leaves. Let's face it, we'd never do it because we're British and it'd be embarrassing but the though of it is all sorts of wonderful.

5) Growing out your winter coat of fur and not having to make an effort. All the razors and the fake tan are already hibernating in the back of my drawer.

6) Getting cosy without getting too hot. The fan is away in the wardrobe and I don't need a cold drink every five minutes.

7) Comfort food. Pies, macaroni cheese, lasagna, mashed potato, stew, roast potatoes, beans on toast, pizza - basically all the carbs. Bye bye salad!

8) Going outside means not sweating my makeup off every single day. There's no risk of sunburn and it's really nice not being a constantly hot, sticky mess.

9) Amazing thick and creamy hot chocolate loaded with cream and marshmallows and anything else you can fit on top.

10) The years most meaningless holidays but some of the most fun happen in autumn. Halloween is the day after my birthday so it's another excuse to drink and Bonfire Night is fun as long as you have a bonfire and some sparklers.

11) Carrying on from the carb list, all the puddings you can possibly fit into your dessert stomach. Warm chocolate brownie, apple pie, cherry pie, sticky toffee pudding, bread and butter pudding, custard, jam sponge and all the sweet things I crave endlessly.

12) Scented candles. You can have a fresh, clean smelling room or you can go all out and have a room smelling like cinnamon apples and sweet berries. I know which one I'd prefer.

13) Not feeling guilt for coming home and getting straight into your pyjamas to watch tv in a pile of blankets. In my case, rewatching The Vampire Diaries from the beginning. Perfect autumn tv.

14) Living in unflattering but oversized jumpers and cardigans that hide the small food baby you're hiding or the fact that you want to curl up and hide from life.

15) Cold starts with autumn sun, morning frost and crunchy leaves. The perfect excuse for a welly walk.

What's your favourite thing about autumn? Are you excited or sad that summer's on its way out?

Thoughts About Going Back To Uni

Let's just ignore the fact I broke my schedule on Tuesday and didn't post because I was feeling a bit down and rubbishy, shall we? Good.

I'm not good at things. For real. Doing things is hard for me. I had no idea how I'd deal with university because sometimes even getting out of bed is a struggle. I thought it'd be a whole new world for me (cue the Aladdin soundtrack) and it is at times the only thing I throw all my energy at but it's also sometimes a bit... meh.

For me, uni is an in between. A rollercoaster of ups and downs, highs and lows. I've never completely loved it because much of university culture isn't me. I like home comforts and I don't like getting so completely drunk you forget your name and your morals. I go out, but when I do I have 3 mental breakdowns in the day about said going out, end up really tipsy by 11, sober up by 1 and spend the rest of my time either emotional happy or emotional sad longing to be bare faced and asleep. I like my own space, I like being surrounded by people I know and trust. That's the way I function best.

Sometimes being at university is horrifically too much to handle at once and everything seems too difficult, too impossible and takes too much of my energy. I love learning. I really am enthusiastic about my degree. I love my subject and I get excited to write good essays and make great things but it's tough. Everything makes me feel stupid. I'm not ready for that again, I don't like it. I like to do good.

I don't know why but the driving tests me. I have zero regrets about living at home and commuting but I'm not confident in my car and the journey can be long, especially if I'm going in for one lecture and need to get straight back in my car. It's tiring. Sometimes driving when I am so exhausted is not safe, I always feel close to pulling over for a nap. Sometimes I wish I had somewhere to just crash.

I'm not ready for petty dramas and people who are about as mature as mozzarella. I want to be constructive and not get involved in things I don't need to. I want to really put myself first both in my work and socially.

I've worked so hard on my blog over the summer too. I'm worried I won't be able to post as brilliantly as I have been but I need to try. I know my priorities. I'm worried it's going to test me this year, that work/life balance.

I know I need to look after my health above everything so I can be the best I can. I'm healthy and I have my mental health usually under control but my under active thyroid makes me feel so tired and drained and low. I don't function well because of that. It makes me slow and sluggish. I know I need to fight it.

When I'm at uni I miss my normal life, you know the semi-normal life I had outside of uni. I miss seeing the friends I have time for when I'm not studying. I miss working overtime to get some extra money. I miss time with my family. I miss seeing my boyfriend more regularly and I'm worried I'm gonna struggle to get back into the mind frame of not seeing each other for at least 4 weeks. I miss being able to have days in bed, looking after myself and having time to myself. But I know I can't live my life without adulting too...

Don't get me wrong, I am excited to go back to uni. It's going to be so great to see my friends after so long. I have new stationery and new clothes and I'm so excited to push myself to be as brilliant as I can.

But holy crap am I anxious about going back, maybe more anxious than I was the first time. That kinda excites me. I'm far from the person I was a year ago and I'm so excited to learn more about and test myself more than I have before. I can't wait to get back to schedule and to work on myself. University is definitely not what I expected but it's worth the struggles because the good bits are so blissfully wonderful.

I'm A Perfectionist And It's Not Good For Me...

Oh hi. Cryptic title right? I hope you're intrigued. I needed a bit of a rant so that's what's happening. Sit down, grab a drink and get ready to despair at me.

I'm writing this one on my second train home after changing in London. I know, so productive and bloggery of me, right? Only thing is, it's not too glamorous at all. I'm wearing dirty mom jeans from Sainsbury's that are only comfy because I bought them in a size too big and they could really do with a belt. I have about 1,000 heavy bags to carry from my almost week long Winch/boyfriend visit. I'm breaking out badly and I really need to do a good cleanse of my skin and my overly dry shampooed hair. But perhaps worst of all, I'm trying not to cry because I just got charged a £50 fine that I definitely cannot afford because I forgot my rail card for the first time in forever.

For such an organised, clean, working to a schedule person I make a hell of a lot of mistakes. At only the beginning of the week I forgot all my birth control pills, my medication and (although I only realised an hour or so ago as of writing this) my rail card for my train journey. Not only did I mess up my hormones and my cycle, I'm supposed to be on a new pill for this month and I'm worried I've messed that up too. I always set alarms because I'm a serial napper, but I often sleep through them because I've been up late finishing off things to give myself less to worry about in the morning. I thought I'd lost my work locker keys 20 minutes before my work shift the other day, only to find them in my car because past me had put them there so I didn't have to look for them before I left. 

I constantly try to be ahead of myself because anything less is disastrous for me. I meticulously plan every social occasion because I hate looking awkward. I am constantly updating my personal calendar complete with colour coordination to make things clear for myself. I feel uneasy if my posts are not scheduled at least a week or two in advance. I enjoy cleaning because cleanliness makes me calm. I'll happily spend hours organising things into folders. Basically, I'm a true control freak.

In short, I'm a perfectionist and it's awful for me.

When my hard drive broke a few weeks ago, I had a breakdown like I've never had before. The fact I'd lost everything I knew was always there when I needed it was devastating to me. I knew I had lost all my pictures and videos, all my personal and important documents, my music and all my work for uni. My blog content and organisation was gone too. It sounds silly but I lost a lot of important data and memories. It really threw me off, I had to start from scratch. I was mad at myself even though it wasn't really my fault.

When I mess up, I am so disappointed with myself, which makes my mental health harder to handle. Making mistakes makes me feel stupid - my least favourite thing in the world is being made to feel dumb or doubting my own intelligence. I know I'm clever and cultured and can string a sentence together like a pro. I hate that my occasional lack of common sense can throw off all my positive organised vibes. Having such high expectations for myself is not good for me.

I think I stress myself out so much trying to be organised and practically perfect in every way that I forget that being unsure and not planning things isn't always an ultimate disaster. Sometimes it creates wonderful spontaneous trips and sometimes it generates post content. Maybe I'll never be a popular blogger or a powerful business woman, but that's exactly what I want. I fear that if I don't go through with all my little plans and routines, I won't ever be able to do that because my mental health won't be able to keep up. It's a balance I'm still struggling to master.

Okay, rant over. Back to pretending I have my s**t together every single second of the day. Afterall, if I can fool myself, I can fool everyone else.

#OwnYourTone With Cancer Research UK

Embracing the skin you're in can be tough. It's not typically attractive to be pale and it’s nice to feel tanned. For most, tanning is a sign of health and sometimes the only good thing about coming home after a holiday is getting compliments on your tan. I'm naturally quite a tanned person but I still like to look like I've been in the sun because it makes me feel more confident. But the truth is, tanning and the effects of the sun are dangerous.

I have been working with Cancer Research UK on their #OwnYourTone campaign to raise awareness for skin cancer - especially for young people. Not only is this a great opportunity for me, there is no way I would refuse the chance to talk about such an important subject. Melanoma, or skin cancer, is the UK's fifth most common cancer. Skin cancer is usually survivable with treatment and easily prevented with care.

Sitting in the sun is so lovely, especially considering how rare it is to catch some rays in the UK, but it's also not safe if you're not completely protected. Sunburn is not healthy. You may think it will heal, you'll eventually look less like a tomato and the effects will disappear but the sun can be so damaging to your skin even if you can't see it. Properly protecting your skin is the way forward. Here's a few tips to stay safe in the sun and to best prevent melanoma.

It's important to pay attention to the time when you're enjoying the sun. It's easy to have an unintentional nap and fall asleep in the sun and this could probably be the worst thing to happen. The most dangerous hours of the day to spend in the sun are between 11am and 3pm, when the sun is at it's strongest. Seeking shade in this time is important, be it a tree or moving inside. Use this time on your holidays to grab a drink at the bar or have some food, as long as you're not exposing yourself to the sun for long periods of time. Move a parasol to sit under, you'll be surprised how much the sun can still reach you and if it's important to you, you can still work on your tan in the shade. The shade prevents UV rays damaging your skin.

Being in the sun feels amazing but it does make you hot and want to wear less clothing because it's sticky and sweaty and gross. You're obviously more likely to get burnt wearing less clothing. It's best to cover up. Your shoulders should be covered when you can, a key place for burn to take over. Wearing light, flowy dresses and tops will keep you cool all whilst keeping the UV rays from detrimentally effecting your skin. Avoid wearing mesh or lace because these materials still allow the sun through. Sunglasses are an essential accessory to protect your eyes whilst still ensuring you're looking good. But be careful, cheap pairs of sunglasses will not have uv lenses and will do little as a form of sun damage protection. A wide brimmed hat is a great way to look good but still shade your face - I'll definitely be looking for a nice one next year.


It may sound obvious but suncream is so important both on your face and body. As someone who uses a lot of makeup, I have a few products with SPF in them but this is never okay to be used on it's own. I personally use the Benefit Dream Screen which is oil free so never breaks me out and has an SPF of 45. It's my favourite because it blends into my face really nicely and a little goes a long way. You need to be using at least an SPF of 15/UVA 4* but if you're more sensitive to the sun, you'll need a stronger suncream. Using little or no suncream is dangerous. Tanning oil is just as bad - I've used it before when I was younger but it's definitely not a healthy way of trying to look a little browner. Find a beach bag big enough to carry your suncream and your other accessories, it will help you always be prepared.

I'm not saying that I don't sunbathe, hence the above picture of my lumpy bumpy thighs, but when I do I'm extra careful. You should feel happy in your natural skin tone - every skin tone is beautiful because natural is beautiful. A tan may look good but it's just a sign your skin is trying to protect itself - your health is more important. As long as you remember to seek shade, cover up and use suncream, you're doing the best you can to protect your skin from any damage and reducing the risk of melanoma. This is the skin you're living in, look after it.

If you're interested in the #OwnYourTone campaign or want to further educate yourself on skin cancer and the sun - please visit Cancer Research UK.

The Blogs I Love To Read

Hannah Gale - I love Hannah and her blog with all my heart. I follow her on every social media outlet possible. Her content is just great. She's funny, relatable and she talks about topics so close to my heart whilst giving me serious style inspo at the same time. I honestly talk about her for most of the hours of the day and if I ever met her, I think I'd implode with questions about her amazing flat lays. 

The Anna Edit - Anna is one of my favourites because she lives a minimalistic and monochrome yet super organised and chic life. Her tips and tricks on blogging, style and organisation are my favourite and I'm fascinated by her top wardrobe picks. Plus, she is a creator who cares about her skin care and talks about products so genuinely that you know you can trust her. I watch her videos all the time.

Lily Pebbles - Another old school favourite of mine is Lily Pebbles, Although Lily and I have very different body types, I love her style posts because her style is so simple but so pretty. She also just as simplistic in style and honest like Anna. I also love her posts about travel. I genuinely look forward to watching her content on YouTube, because her videos are very similar to Anna's.

Kirby Small - I've recently become obsessed with Kirby's blog. I love her photography and the whole set up of her blog. Her instagram feed is amazing too. Her content is always original and seamless - it's clear she's both passionate about blogging and travel which gives me so much envy and inspiration at the same time. She's definitely one to check out.

Tanya Burr - Tanya is a classic blogger and YouTuber I always come back to. The perfect online personality, wife and business woman in my eyes. Her figure is amazing, her recipes are delicious and she accessories her gorgeous outfits like nobody else. She's so naturally beautiful and has changed the way I get ready for a day.

Life As Tilly Rose - Tilly's content is so good considering that she's still doing her GCSE's. Her content is always original but simple and her outfit posts make me so happy. For such a young blogger, her blog is both impressive and clean.

Oh It's Sare - Another London based blogger who works hard on her content. Her content is refreshing and gives me so much energy to write. I always look forward to reading her newest posts. She's not afraid to be herself and I love it. I'm always checking back for new content, she's definitely worth the follow.

Poppy Deyes - Whilst relatively new as in the past couple of years, Poppy is a definite fave. Her photography is something else. Every single post is accompanied with a gorgeous selection of pictures which are always beautifully coloured and edited. I love her fashion style and her posts on that and recipes she shares.
Fleur de Force - I've always loved Fleur's blog. Her lifestyle posts are great and I genuinely trust all her makeup posts because even when she reviews products you know she is genuine. She has great interior inspo recently and I look forward to  reading her content every time.
Natalie Amos - I'm kinda biased on these last few because I love reading what my friends have been up to. Nat is not only my manager, she's an amazing content creator and has the most original ideas and beautiful pictures of anyone I know personally through blogging.
Charlotte Barcham - I'll always love reading B's blog because she's my friend and she's a good but simple blogger. May it be her adventures as a model or her outfit inspo, when she posts I am one of the first to check it out. 

Mill Talks - While Mill is only starting out and things still need tweaking on her blog, I'm giving her all the help she needs so seeing her posts go live gives me so much joy. She writes just like she talks, which makes the experience of visiting her blog all the more enjoyable. She also has the best instagram feed in existence.

The Five Things I Don't Regret

Originally deferring university because of my mental health
Back in October 2015, school was forcing me to apply for university and even though I wasn't sure it was 100% what I wanted, I did it anyway. I wasn't in the best place mentally and by the time I'd applied, I didn't think I was ready to handle it. So, putting my mental health first, I pushed my application back a year. By the time it got round to results day, I had changed my mind again. I felt stronger, determined, and ready to take on university. I don't regret giving myself some patience and looking after myself because it gave me some more perspective, but I am so glad I started in 2016 because so many things would not have fallen into place.

Failing my driving test 3 times
Okay so I'm still a pretty awful driver. But I'm safe and pretty road rageless. I've never had a huge accident apart from spinning in the road once on the way to therapy because I'd worried myself about going. I think all the anxiety that assisted me in failing three driving tests helped me assess situations on the road a lot better. I don't regret learning to be persistent with something I knew I needed.

Waiting for the right person
I waited a good, long time until I found someone who treated me with absolute respect and I knew wanted me after. Everyone's entitled to do what they want with their body but I knew I wanted to trust the person I slept with for the first time so I waited until I was 100% comfortable and sure it was what I wanted and I'm so happy I did.

Spending money I didn't have at the time on a trip to Paris
I knew, I'd be fine by the time I'd been. I knew that I would never be living on the street. But that didn't stop me from worrying about making it to the next pay day when I booked a trip with my best friend to Paris. But I don't regret it for a second because it was the most wonderful, joy-filled trip and every second of it was a step outside my comfort zone but magical nonetheless. And I paid it off.

Being unsure on who I was and what I wanted to be
Over the years I've tried to make myself fit into so many different categories to be one thing, only to discover how much I'm capable of and how many different skills and little details make me who I am. Sifting through different ideas for a career only made me more versatile, trying to work out who I wanted to be just made me a better person in the end. I'm so thankful I'll never know exactly who I am as person, the journey of making it up as I go along is far more exciting.

Brunch at Josie's with the Boyf

What's better than brunch? Brunch with your boyfriend that insists on eating a hell of a lot of food. I honestly think eating together is our favourite activity. Maybe that's why I struggle to stick to a diet when I'm seeing him. Oh well, worth it.... Being in Winchester is always a great opportunity to eat, there are so many cute little places to try and all of them make me want to crack out the laptop and bang out a foodie blog post.

If you follow me on instagram you may have seen this post from a lovely brunch date I had with Will. Visiting Josie's has been high on our Winch to do list for a while and I'm so glad we did because brunch dates and food dates in general are my favourite kind of date. Trust me, this won't be the last 'what I ate in Winchester' post if I can help it.

We both ordered juices, I chose a Red Berry (raspberry, banana, blueberry and apple) whilst Will chose a Tropical one (mango, passionfruit, banana and coconut milk). Both were refreshing and perfect to wake us up in the morning. We also ordered food, obviously. Me being the world's biggest chorizo fan and a lover of eggs benedict, I combined the both complete with homemade chorizo and green chilli sauce. It was unreal. The portion size was big but perfectly filling without making you feel like you'd eaten too much. Will went for a sort of sweet, sort of savoury option by picking the pancakes with bacon, sausage, a fried egg and tons of maple syrup. He was not up for sharing it much to my disappointment, but I managed to steal a tiny bit of bacon and with the syrup it was heavenly. He was struggling by the third pancake anyway.

Visit their instagram here (which I guarantee will make you hungry). If you're ever around, Josie's is the perfect place to grab something, even if it's just a coffee. Shoutout to the best tour guide Winchester has ever had.

Wish List: Autumn 2017

1. ASOS Croc Envelope Cross Body Bag (HERE) £10.00
2. New Look Red Funday Print Long Sleeve Jumper (HERE) £19.99
3. Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick in Night Crimson (HERE) £24.00
4. Zara Black Faux Fur Jacket (HERE) £29.99
5. Bershka Long Tailored Trench Coat (HERE) £59.99
6. A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like by Ashley Graham (HERE) £8.99
7. River Island Block Heel Buckle Sandals (HERE) £24.50
8. Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eye Pencil in Bronzed Garnet (HERE) £19.00
9. H&M Scented Candle In Holder (HERE) £12.99
10. Accessorize Arlo shoulder Bag (HERE) £45.00 £36.00

Here's a little mixed wish list for autumn featuring home, fashion and makeup. Spot the red jumper everyone is wearing, a new bag for uni which will potentially fit my laptop and two Charlotte Tilbury products I have been lusting over forever but cannot afford. Also, I'm trying again to find the perfect fur coat again after the pink fur coat incident of 2016. Let's see if this beautiful black bargain from Zara works it's way into my basket before the end of September.

Ten Things I've Learned From Loving A Boy 100 Miles Away

I will always over pack
I'm one of life's over packers, I always have been and I think I always will be. Who needs 3 pairs of jeans and two pairs of pyjamas for one trip? Me apparently. 

It's totally okay to need space - as hard as it is to ask for or to give it
In the time with been together, both me and Will have asked for space as ironic and stupid as it sounds when we are far apart. Not having to make effort or talk about the details the other person should be there for is a relief sometimes and although I struggle to give space, I've learned time and time again that it's better to do that and save the argument.

Not having to shave for weeks is a huge benefit
My favourite part about not seeing Will very often (and let's be honest, I'll take all the positives I can get) is not having to shave every single week. My winter coat grows so thick even in summer just because I don't have to shave.

Trains are hideously expensive
Woah, I learnt so quickly how expensive trains are. So much so that I regularly struggle to pay day just to see Will. But do you know what trains aren't? As scary as they seem.

Having rubbish WiFi at home is a real struggle
Repeating parts of a conversation because you can't hear each other or waiting for messages, pictures and videos to send and load is a daily struggle that frustrates me to no end.

Supermarket shopping is so much more fun together
Having to adult sucks. But having to adult when it's involving food is actually really fun. Planning, prepping and cooking meals is one of my favourite things to do together so we have so much fun doing the shop together.

It is better to buy full sized products than to keep buying travel sizes
When I started visiting Will in our first year, I would always bring a travel bag with mini products that had to be replaced every journey. For second year, I waited till I was visiting Will and I bought a full sized bottle of everything I regularly use and left it in a wash bag out of the way at his house. It saves both money and my back lugging shampoo across stations.

Being there for the big moments is important
This one is super important to me. I'm a really sentimental person and I like to make memories and keep them. I like to be there for the big moments. I FaceTimed Will at New Years and sang a very tipsy and out of tune rendition of Angels by Robbie Williams. I make sure he can be at family gatherings. We are both planning too see each other for our birthdays even if it's just for the day. I know he'd be there if I desperately needed him to be.

Missing someone doesn't get easier but you just learn to deal with it
Every day can be tough when you're counting down the days/weeks until you can be together. Missing someone is such a horrible feeling, especially when it's not instantly fixable - but it's always counting down. We always say, it's not that we can't handle it it's just that we don't want to have to.

I am my best self when I'm with Will but I'm still amazing when we're apart
Being with Will makes me feel empowered and calm at the same time. I am truly my happiest and best self when I'm with him, but apart I am still motivated and strong and happier than I thought I'd ever be. It's true, you don't need a man to make you happy. But for me, he's the push I've always needed.

The Face Masks I Swear By

I'm fussy with my skin incase you didn't know. Really fussy. Gone are the days of those 99p masks you used to find in every shop. Remember them? (The chocolate one was my favourite but I'm pretty sure it did nothing but destroy my skin). Now, I barely use a face mask because I use gentler, less stripping products on my skin. But there are two I swear by which save my skin on the days it decides to throw a tantrum or on a sunday night when I just fancy a little pamper session.

Origins Out of Trouble Mask
This is the first 'expensive' skin care product I ever tried. At £25 a tube, it's not affordable but cheaper than what some other high end brands would expect you to pay for a mask. I used to save up my pennies to buy another tube of this because it made my big angry pimples shrink and lose their horrible redness. It soaks up all the excess oils in my skin without completely stripping my skin from what it needs to stay healthy. My skin feels incredibly smooth and clear when I use this product. It even works on the blackheads that attack my nose. It helped me clear my acne in the really bad days and now that everything is a lot better, I occasionally crack it out to dab a little on an angry spot and leave it to work it's magic.

Soap & Glory The Fab Pore 
This is more recent of a find but I'm still on my third pot because, yes, it's that good. It shrinks my pores, so that my skin feels plumper and less rough. It smells quite menthol/minty but is not damaging at all. Yes, it's going to strip your skin but it will not make things worse if you're clever with using it. It basically just excels in getting rid of all the crap that sits on my skin, dead skin cells disappear and it rejuvenates. It makes my skin feel generally fresher and healthier, giving me a glow when my skin is suffering. At £10, it's a cheaper option than my other favourite but both last an incredibly impressive time.

I recommend both these products if you're having trouble with your skin, but do not over do it. In my opinion, you should never use a mask more than once a week because it will do more damage than good. Gentler products are ALWAYS the way forward with clearing acne and I cannot stress this enough. But I do recommend that you pick up one of these life changers.

Goodbye Kodi

I'm sorry it got so hard for you at the end. I'm sorry we didn't find the cancer sooner and there was nothing we could do to save you. I'm sorry you were hurting so much you took it out on yourself. No dog has ever been gentler, more affectionate or as loving as you. Everyone who met you loved you. I'm so glad Will got to meet you and that you liked him, I wanted your approval. I'm so happy that you got to know Kelly and Megan and all of my friends. You didn't deserve the pain or the suffering. I hope you lived a happy life, I hope you know how important you were to us. I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye. I know you didn't like me very much but I will love and miss you always Kodi. I hope you're at peace now. 

Naked Dough - A Cookie Dough Lover's Heaven

In my previous post I spoke about the trip to London I took with Will and all about our visit to Dinerama. If you've read that post you'll know we ate a lot. So how did we still have room to gorge on cookie dough? The truth is that we didn't. After stuffing our faces with the most amazing food, we took a slow and slightly sluggish walk back to the underground station and accidentally on purpose headed into Naked Dough, a cookie dough shop I’d only seen in Facebook videos and had wanted to visit for months.

We were so lucky and it was completely incidental that the same station was closest to Dinerama and had the place I wanted to visit. So naturally, we both grabbed a pot of cookie dough each (because even if you don’t think you can possibly eat a single bite more, you always have room in the second dessert stomach). I chose Emoji Poos - the chocolate chip one and Will went for Mud Bath - the double chocolate option. There were so many choices all with unique names and flavour combinations. Cookie dough is also the most filling thing you can eat so it was definitely worth the £3.60 a tub.

There is no risk at all with their totally safe recipes. Salmonella isn't a worry as there are no eggs and the flour is heat treated to avoid any nastiness there. There are vegan recipes too. You can get it put in an icecream cone and there are other options to have half of one and half of another in a pot and the shop even offers a glass of milk but we were happy with our little tubs to eat a little in the shop and take the rest home. You can also order from Naked Dough on Deliveroo if you're in London.

As you can see from the pictures, the shop is the most instagrammable place ever complete with pink counters, potted plants, a wall mural, giant inflatables and a pillar covered in polaroids. The atmosphere is also so laid back and friendly. They asked Will to chose a song for them to play and the staff were full of energy. I'm so glad we went while we could because the pop-up shop is temporary and only opened in 2017, so visit while you still can! Head to their website at www.naked-dough.co.uk for more cookie dough excitement.

It was the perfect ending to a perfect day - even though we almost missed our trains and had to say goodbye to each other again (sigh). Every time I visit London, I’m surprised by a) how big it is and b) how much it has to offer. The possibilities are endless for a day in London and most of our day was spontaneously planned and I wouldn’t change a second of it. Thank you Will for an amazing day.

Street Feasting At Dinerama

I recently took a trip to London with my wonderful boyfriend and after we'd had a busy morning and afternoon being tourists, we visited Dinerama. The place was so wonderful I decided to dedicate a whole post to it. When Will first mentioned wanting to visit Dinerama, I trusted his judgement. He loves good food and he loves exploring places he hasn't been before. Dinerama seemed to tick both those boxes from the outset.

Dinerama is an enclosed street food market run by Street Feast, hidden away in Shoreditch, a ten minute walk away from the nearest tube station. We almost walked straight past it when we were on our way as it's so inconspicuousIt didn't stand out as an amazing place from the outside but once inside, I knew we'd made a good choice. The place was so interesting and had an amazing vibe. I can only describe it as a multilayered food market, covered in dozens of colourful string lights with lots of chairs and tables in the middle to sit at. Although it was all pricey, there was a full, well stocked bar and various food stalls which all smelt delicious with healthy options and not so healthy options included. 

It was National Burger Day so naturally, we both wanted a burger. Having recently discovered my love for a freshly made beef burger, we headed to Burger & Beyond and both picked up different burgers (I chose a cheese burger and Will chose The Big Lew). We also got some waffle fries - washed down with the strongest Mojito I’ve ever had and a beer (ew). It was honestly the most gorgeous burger I’ve ever had. It fell apart in your mouth and everything about it was cooked to perfection. I was more in love with that burger than I've ever been with Will. We considered eating another they were that good. 

Next, Will picked some Thunderbird chicken wings which were so juicy but also super hot - almost too much for me. The dish came with blue cheese dip and pickled celery, both things that I surprised myself by enjoying. I finally tried some halloumi fries for the first time after lusting over them in Facebook foodie videos forever. They were so incredibly beautiful and even better than I expected. I also tried frosé - frozen rosé wine with strawberry, lemon and lime juice in the form of a slushie. Again they didn’t hold back with the alcohol and the drink was sweet and strong. 

We knew we definitely wanted to finish off our Dinerama experience with You Doughnut! so I picked up matching desserts for us. We both wanted doughnut balls in vanilla sugar with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, coated in biscuit crumbs with malteasers. Again, it did not disappoint, although I struggled to cut a doughnut with a fork. 

By 6.00 the place was busy and had such a great atmosphere. There was music in the back ground. It seemed like a great place for Londoners to come after work to socialise and catch up. If we ever get the chance to, I know we'll definitely head back. Every single bite in Dinerama was incredible and when we left we were fed, watered and happy. If you fancy heading along yourself you can check out their website here.

A Bank Holiday Treat From Monty Bojangles

Monty Bojangles is a chocolate brand that I have come to know and love very much (especially in that one particular week of the month when I really need chocolate to survive). They recently sent me some of their new, delicious and ‘curiously moreish’ range of Scofflets to try. In my opinion, they are hands down the best chocolate truffle you can get. They are a reasonable price for a quality product and they make a good gift too.

They are available in three flavours: Caramel & Cookie Crumble, Hint of Sea Salt and Maple & Hazelnut. As always with the brand, the packaging is fun and bright and what’s inside is even more exciting. All three flavours are yummy and ridiculously tempting but my favourites are the sea salted ones. 

And it gets better… Over the bank holiday weekend, Monty Bojangles’ Scofflets are priced at only £5 for all three flavours with free delivery, so head over to their website (www.montybojangles.com) to place your order before it ends on Tuesday to make your long weekend an even better one. While you're over there take a look at all the other wonderful products too (as a connoisseur I recommend the Flutter Scotch truffles).

No matter what you do, I hope your bank holiday is great. Mine’s going to be a combination of serious bedroom DIY and indulging in these sweet treats while I replay Taylor Swift’s new single over and over again. Ciao!

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Testing Technic Products

I was recently sent a lovely bundle of goodies to try from Technic. I’ve only had a few things from Technic before, so this was great opportunity for me to test some new products out and get to know the brand a little better.

The brush is incredibly soft and I’ve been using it to set my foundation into place with a powder for a couple of weeks now. I think it could also be great for evening bronzing up the face. I think a lot of washes may shed the brush slightly but I'll be careful when I do.

The strobe cream was really fun to play with because it's so versatile. Whilst a little to dark for me to use as a normal liquid/cream highlighter, mixed with an under foundation it gave me a beautiful  summery glow. It is quite glittery but the glitter isn't obvious or chunky at all. It also looked great under the eyeshadow as a base or alone on the lid.

The cream colours in this palette are again very glowy and sparkly but blend out beautifully. Both shades compliment my skin tone, although I prefer the lighter and more yellow-toned one, as it gives me a more prominent highlight. The powders are equally as beautiful. The purple highlighter was something I didn't think could work for me but the powder is so beautiful and a little different to a standard highlight. I love the peachy one as I can make it more subtle if I wish to.

While this palette looked scary to me at first, it is more usable than it first seems. All the colours are pigmented but a little dusty so hard to blend seamlessly at first. Some of the colours are too bright for me but the peachy toned ones really suited me. I'm sure they could double up as statement eyeshadows if I gave it a go.

The baked eyeshadows excited me the most when I received these products. The colours are warm and blend out beautifully, allowing me to create simple but lovely golden eye looks with the palette. They are definitely bronzey and whilst not the most pigmented shadows I've ever tried, there is definite colour pay off. And the packaging is beautiful.

I struggle with mascaras because I never seem to find one that I love but this surprised me. It coats my lashes evenly and the brush is big enough to separate them and lengthen them. Waterproof formulas work best for me because my difficult lashes are one of my biggest insecurities so I need it to last. It wasn't too hard to remove either. I love the formula and paired with the lashes below, it worked a dream.

I love wearing eyelashes and what made this product such a stand out for me is how much they remind me of the Ardell Wispies that are my holy grail falsies. The style is very similar, natural but long and wispy and kind of messy looking. The invisible lash band just makes them easier to apply without eyeliner and they stayed put all day with the glue that was provided.

Whilst some of these products didn’t suit me, I really loved having some fun and trying out some affordable but incredibly versatile products from Technic. I'll be sure to look out for more of their stuff in the future!

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