A Weekend in Winchester

You know how wonderful it is to get away somewhere for a while and not worry about anything at home? I spent the weekend just gone in beautiful Winchester visiting my wonderful boyfriend at university.

What was one of the nicest trips of my life was also at first a challenge. I had to take the train from Ashford and change in London Waterloo. To a normally functioning teenager that would be fine, but I  of course am not one of those. I was as usual stressing about everything and was seriously worried I'd get lost in London from one station to the next (which is completely ridiculous) but I did not! It probably didn't help that my suitcase was too big, heavy and awkward. I have never been that far on my own before; sad but true. What seems so small is honestly such a huge step for me. Just another anxiety I have overcome added to the never ending list.

Winchester reminds me of being in Canterbury, just with a lot more hills. Everything is so touristy and I wish I'd taken more pictures without fear of looking like a tourist myself. It really is beautiful. We had an amazing walk and lunch on the Saturday. I met his wonderful flatmates who were so lovely to me. They didn't make me feel like an outsider which was really nice, I can't wait to see them again and I hope they can tolerate me coming to see him as much as possible! I got very drunk on Saturday night by means of a hilarious drinking game app and even more so on Sunday and woke up grumpy and hungover on the Monday, dreading the journey home again. 

The fact I don't get to see my boyfriend whenever I want to is just one of the reasons this weekend was such an amazing one for me. The train home on Monday felt like a funeral but it won't be long until I see him again and hopefully take lots more touristy pictures without worrying about who's judging me (including him, haha).

It was so refreshing to get away from home for a while. Now back to reality! 

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