A Promise To Love Myself

Overthinking is part of my everyday life. More recently than ever, overthinking has controlled me. It's a dangerous combination of self doubt, anxiety and mood swings that make my nights alone so horrible. It's become clear to me that I need to treat myself like I would my best friend, or a daughter - someone I'd love unconditionally. So from here on out, these are the promises I'm going to try and keep in order to love myself.

'I promise to let you be happy. I promise to give you time. I promise to be patient when you are feeling slow. I promise to let you be sad but to tell you when it's enough. I promise I will make you get back up when you've let it all out. I promise to allow you an extra hour in bed on the days your heart feels heavy. I promise to let you buy expensive products every now and then if it will make your hair stronger and skin clearer. I promise to make you say 'yes' to days out and nights at the pub and to seeing old friends. I promise to stop getting upset and mad when you fancy chocolate cake or something salty. I promise that you can enjoy alcohol without needing to cry after. I promise to let you be hungover. I promise to make you sleep when you're being stupid. I promise to let you off when you're so rundown by your thyroid that you can't finish the workout. I promise to push you when you need to write 1000 words for an assignment and can only force out 200 more. I promise I will let you grow as a person. I promise I'll push you to take opportunities. I promise I'll help you through uni. I promise you can let yourself be loved. I promise I'll love you.'

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