5 Tips For a Long Distance Relationship

I've wanted to write something like this for a while but have never really got around to it. Now that uni is over until September, I have time to write again. This was post was high up on my list of ideas. I am in a long-distance relationship and have been for a few months now. Though I don't have a years perspective on it, I have had time to test out my own tips now. I assure you long-distance can work when you accept the situation, adjust to the struggle and stay positive about it.

1. Enjoy the time you have together.
I'm so guilty of this first one. As soon as I see my boyfriend I start thinking 'oh only 4 days till I'm leaving again' and through out the week I'll remind myself that I'm over a quarter or half way through our time together and so on. The end of your time together is inevitable but don't let that ruin the opportunity you do have. Have fun, go on dates, do little things you'd do if you got to see each other everyday. And when the last day comes around, don't be sad because it's over, be happy for what you've had and will have again.

2.  Communication is key - but don't go overboard.
It may seem like you have to talk 24/7 to keep things going, but that's not strictly true. Sure, you want to know the details of your partner's day as if you were there with them but don't compensate for the distance with excessive talking. For example, when we're both busy and need to get on with stuff, we let each other do that without bombarding each other's phones with messages. But we always say good morning and night. Share details of your day but don't talk too much - you'll run out of things to say and become agitated. Take messages at face value, don't read into the words and put yourself into a bad mood by overthinking. Remember to give each other space from constant communication, even though it seems ironic.

3. Don't stop living when you're apart.
I have a tendency to sink into an awful mood for a day or two after seeing my boyfriend. It ends quickly and I get motivated for the next few weeks or month. It's important to remember that life doesn't stop when you're apart. Make plans for the future. Enjoy spending time with your friends and family. Keep busy, tick things off your never ending to do list. Work on yourself so that you can work on each other in the future. And countdown to the next time you can be together again positively, instead of negatively.

4. Find a good social media balance.
Facebook video calling or FaceTiming is essential because seeing the other person's face is so much help. Snapchat each other when you can. Tag each other in funny posts. Share tweets via direct message that make you laugh or remind you of the other person. But, do not post excessively about the other person on every platform. There are ways of appreciating your partner without unnecessary, over-the-top PDA. The occasional post is fine. Your relationship is just that, yours, and nobody else wants or needs to see it 24/7.

5. Be honest.
I'm lucky in the fact that my boyfriend is brutally honest and tells me exactly what he's thinking because he cannot lie to me. If you're feeling overwhelmed or insecure or jealous or angry, the best solution is to talk about it. It may seem like a fight when it's really just a chat and maybe it will turn into a fight but fighting is healthy. Things have been unbelievably tough recently but if we ever have a problem, we don't avoid it, we talk about it, that's what makes it easier. I always feel so much better afterwards. We're stronger when we're honest.

Above all, remember that everyday you spend apart is a day closer to the distance being over for good. That's the ultimate goal.

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