The Things I Learnt in My First Year

In honour of finishing uni tomorrow, here's my endless list of some of the things I've learnt at uni (and note how none of them are academic related).
  1. Tea makes everything better
  2. Iced tea makes everything better
  3. Spoons pitchers/'piltchards' also make everything better
  4. Do not let MJ stick his 'ore' in your drink
  5. Group work can be fun
  6. But group work can also be a soul-sucking, demon that destroys all the happiness you've ever had
  7. Group work will never turn out the way you planned it
  8. Group work is actually just a few people doing a hell of a lot more work than everyone else
  9. And the finished product is always average at best
  10. Do not trust Will with the responsibility of sound recording
  11. If you want to avoid the embarrassment of everyone turning to look at you in lecture, do not sit with Matt because he is likely to open a snapchat or facebook video with his phone on full volume
  12. Matt is also prone to saying something like 'do you think he'd notice if we left?' or 'shall we just ditch the second half?' when the room goes quiet and the lecturer is looking straight at you
  13. Most nights out will involve baby sitting someone
  14. Most nights will also involve holding Matt back from going home with someone 
  15. Most nights will involve you spilling something down yourself
  16. Most nights will end in you losing/forgetting your coat, your money or your dignity
  17. Referencing is the devil and your tutors will just tell you you're doing it wrong but not how to fix it
  18. Sometimes they send people who are closer to students than lecturers to hold your seminars and they will not know the answer to any questions
  19. Your tutors literally have no idea what they're doing
  20. None of them will be able to work a simple powerpoint
  21. Or a light switch
  22. Or work out that the volume is turned off on the computer
  23. Double spacing an essay makes it ugly
  24. Cooking with Nat and B usually ends in some form of domestic
  25. Or an elaborate Disney channel dance routine
  26. Fajitas will always be there for you
  27. Monday night is Buzzfeed quiz night
  28. B's ugly cow clog slippers are going to haunt you
  29. Doodling is a very productive form of note taking
  30. You will never get sick of watching yourself back on camera or hearing your voice in recordings
  31. Tim's tips are the best
  32. Bry is bae
  33. Shadows however, are not bae
  34. Max can bs his way through anything
  35. You will wear makeup and regret it when you look awful later
  36. You will not wear makeup and will regret it when you look awful later
  37. You will ALWAYS look ugly by midday on a Tuesday
  38. Basically, you're not allowed to look nice
  39. 9am's are the worst
  40. You'll have to push through the tiredness
  41. You do not have time to watch a television series whilst at uni - even if you try and excuse it because you're doing a media course
  42. Bullies do not end in school
  43. Matt's drunk messages, snaps and selfies will entertain you in the early hours of the morning
  44. Student accommodation bathrooms are disgusting
  45. But you will be forever grateful to the people who home you when you have nowhere to stay
  46. Nothing feels better than doing work early and submitting it before the deadline day
  47. But sometimes it just feels good to submit something even if you know it's a bit rubbish
  48. A trip to Tiger and Zara is essential
  49. Being really drunk and messy is good for the soul
  50. Planning a coffee study date will just end up as a coffee date
  51. The moving bookcases are the coolest thing about the library
  52. Google Scholar is a lifesaver
  53. You can always rely on Harry to give his review of the week's film class before you go in
  54. Do not waste your extensions
  55. Stick with Nat in fresher's week, Nat gets you free stuff
  56. The Doctor Who society would be incomplete without Charlotte Barcham, it's loyal captain 
  57. Moany will never stop moaning about walking
  58. Goran is a mystery that will never be understood
  59. Trying to decide where to eat for lunch is a demanding task
  60. Do not let Max steer you into McDonald's
  61. Follow Mill into Eat. instead
  62. Harry's messages are the only entertainment available in some lectures
  63. The cathedral is a great place to escape to
  64. Tuan will never stop being Tuan
  65. Most people on your course are a lot more clever than you
  66. You will feel constantly dumb
  67. Visiting your friends at uni will leave you slightly underfed but happy because you get to clean
  68. He cannot cook a student meal without some kind of meat and this seriously offends you
  69. But meat feast pasta is better than it sounds
  70. You will threaten to drop out at least 10 times a week
  71. Millie will do the same
  72. Public transport is expensive and awful
  73. Canterbury traffic will frustrate you to no end
  74. Work will not understand that uni is your career and your priority
  75. You will learn not to cry every time you get drunk
  76. You don't have to enjoy uni everyday but you still have to do it
  77. Staying in bed once in every few months is not a sin
  78. £9,000 is a ridiculous amount of money to pay for what you're actually getting
  79. £5 is also a huge amount of money for a student
  80. Getting to actually go home after a crappy day is a relief
  81. Visiting your friends will be like a mini holiday and you will not want to return to reality
  82. You will appreciate your friends above everything

     I've had a pretty great first year, with major ups and downs. It's still the best decision I've made as much as I've moaned about it recently. I'm excited to do the modules I chose and to continue doing things I love doing next year. I'm glad I still maintain strong relationships at home, at uni and with my family despite uni being my priority and that's my only goal for next year. That and to be happier alone too. But for now, summer 2017 is calling...

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