Fat Girls CAN Wear Crop Tops

It's hot in the UK. That means less clothing. That means more skin. That usually means a lot of girls with their midriffs showing, wearing crop tops. That usually means fat shaming.

So today, to spite this and to boost my own confidence - I wore a crop top. I know! A bigger girl wearing a crop top? It's so shameful, right? Wrong. Being bigger does not make me a different species, or any less attractive than someone of a different size. Yes, my stomach is a little rounder than someone else's, and my boobs may make the top sit weirdly but - it's hot and if everyone else can do it why can't I?

I try to do something to boost my body confidence every week, may that be buying new underwear, fake tanning or doing something I never thought I'd do - like wearing a crop top. The bottom line is, 'fat girls' can wear whatever they like. And they will.

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