Street Feasting At Dinerama

I recently took a trip to London with my wonderful boyfriend and after we'd had a busy morning and afternoon being tourists, we visited Dinerama. The place was so wonderful I decided to dedicate a whole post to it. When Will first mentioned wanting to visit Dinerama, I trusted his judgement. He loves good food and he loves exploring places he hasn't been before. Dinerama seemed to tick both those boxes from the outset.

Dinerama is an enclosed street food market run by Street Feast, hidden away in Shoreditch, a ten minute walk away from the nearest tube station. We almost walked straight past it when we were on our way as it's so inconspicuousIt didn't stand out as an amazing place from the outside but once inside, I knew we'd made a good choice. The place was so interesting and had an amazing vibe. I can only describe it as a multilayered food market, covered in dozens of colourful string lights with lots of chairs and tables in the middle to sit at. Although it was all pricey, there was a full, well stocked bar and various food stalls which all smelt delicious with healthy options and not so healthy options included. 

It was National Burger Day so naturally, we both wanted a burger. Having recently discovered my love for a freshly made beef burger, we headed to Burger & Beyond and both picked up different burgers (I chose a cheese burger and Will chose The Big Lew). We also got some waffle fries - washed down with the strongest Mojito I’ve ever had and a beer (ew). It was honestly the most gorgeous burger I’ve ever had. It fell apart in your mouth and everything about it was cooked to perfection. I was more in love with that burger than I've ever been with Will. We considered eating another they were that good. 

Next, Will picked some Thunderbird chicken wings which were so juicy but also super hot - almost too much for me. The dish came with blue cheese dip and pickled celery, both things that I surprised myself by enjoying. I finally tried some halloumi fries for the first time after lusting over them in Facebook foodie videos forever. They were so incredibly beautiful and even better than I expected. I also tried frosé - frozen rosé wine with strawberry, lemon and lime juice in the form of a slushie. Again they didn’t hold back with the alcohol and the drink was sweet and strong. 

We knew we definitely wanted to finish off our Dinerama experience with You Doughnut! so I picked up matching desserts for us. We both wanted doughnut balls in vanilla sugar with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, coated in biscuit crumbs with malteasers. Again, it did not disappoint, although I struggled to cut a doughnut with a fork. 

By 6.00 the place was busy and had such a great atmosphere. There was music in the back ground. It seemed like a great place for Londoners to come after work to socialise and catch up. If we ever get the chance to, I know we'll definitely head back. Every single bite in Dinerama was incredible and when we left we were fed, watered and happy. If you fancy heading along yourself you can check out their website here.

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