Ten Things I've Learned From Loving A Boy 100 Miles Away

I will always over pack
I'm one of life's over packers, I always have been and I think I always will be. Who needs 3 pairs of jeans and two pairs of pyjamas for one trip? Me apparently. 

It's totally okay to need space - as hard as it is to ask for or to give it
In the time with been together, both me and Will have asked for space as ironic and stupid as it sounds when we are far apart. Not having to make effort or talk about the details the other person should be there for is a relief sometimes and although I struggle to give space, I've learned time and time again that it's better to do that and save the argument.

Not having to shave for weeks is a huge benefit
My favourite part about not seeing Will very often (and let's be honest, I'll take all the positives I can get) is not having to shave every single week. My winter coat grows so thick even in summer just because I don't have to shave.

Trains are hideously expensive
Woah, I learnt so quickly how expensive trains are. So much so that I regularly struggle to pay day just to see Will. But do you know what trains aren't? As scary as they seem.

Having rubbish WiFi at home is a real struggle
Repeating parts of a conversation because you can't hear each other or waiting for messages, pictures and videos to send and load is a daily struggle that frustrates me to no end.

Supermarket shopping is so much more fun together
Having to adult sucks. But having to adult when it's involving food is actually really fun. Planning, prepping and cooking meals is one of my favourite things to do together so we have so much fun doing the shop together.

It is better to buy full sized products than to keep buying travel sizes
When I started visiting Will in our first year, I would always bring a travel bag with mini products that had to be replaced every journey. For second year, I waited till I was visiting Will and I bought a full sized bottle of everything I regularly use and left it in a wash bag out of the way at his house. It saves both money and my back lugging shampoo across stations.

Being there for the big moments is important
This one is super important to me. I'm a really sentimental person and I like to make memories and keep them. I like to be there for the big moments. I FaceTimed Will at New Years and sang a very tipsy and out of tune rendition of Angels by Robbie Williams. I make sure he can be at family gatherings. We are both planning too see each other for our birthdays even if it's just for the day. I know he'd be there if I desperately needed him to be.

Missing someone doesn't get easier but you just learn to deal with it
Every day can be tough when you're counting down the days/weeks until you can be together. Missing someone is such a horrible feeling, especially when it's not instantly fixable - but it's always counting down. We always say, it's not that we can't handle it it's just that we don't want to have to.

I am my best self when I'm with Will but I'm still amazing when we're apart
Being with Will makes me feel empowered and calm at the same time. I am truly my happiest and best self when I'm with him, but apart I am still motivated and strong and happier than I thought I'd ever be. It's true, you don't need a man to make you happy. But for me, he's the push I've always needed.

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