The Blogs I Love To Read

Hannah Gale - I love Hannah and her blog with all my heart. I follow her on every social media outlet possible. Her content is just great. She's funny, relatable and she talks about topics so close to my heart whilst giving me serious style inspo at the same time. I honestly talk about her for most of the hours of the day and if I ever met her, I think I'd implode with questions about her amazing flat lays. 

The Anna Edit - Anna is one of my favourites because she lives a minimalistic and monochrome yet super organised and chic life. Her tips and tricks on blogging, style and organisation are my favourite and I'm fascinated by her top wardrobe picks. Plus, she is a creator who cares about her skin care and talks about products so genuinely that you know you can trust her. I watch her videos all the time.

Lily Pebbles - Another old school favourite of mine is Lily Pebbles, Although Lily and I have very different body types, I love her style posts because her style is so simple but so pretty. She also just as simplistic in style and honest like Anna. I also love her posts about travel. I genuinely look forward to watching her content on YouTube, because her videos are very similar to Anna's.

Kirby Small - I've recently become obsessed with Kirby's blog. I love her photography and the whole set up of her blog. Her instagram feed is amazing too. Her content is always original and seamless - it's clear she's both passionate about blogging and travel which gives me so much envy and inspiration at the same time. She's definitely one to check out.

Tanya Burr - Tanya is a classic blogger and YouTuber I always come back to. The perfect online personality, wife and business woman in my eyes. Her figure is amazing, her recipes are delicious and she accessories her gorgeous outfits like nobody else. She's so naturally beautiful and has changed the way I get ready for a day.

Life As Tilly Rose - Tilly's content is so good considering that she's still doing her GCSE's. Her content is always original but simple and her outfit posts make me so happy. For such a young blogger, her blog is both impressive and clean.

Oh It's Sare - Another London based blogger who works hard on her content. Her content is refreshing and gives me so much energy to write. I always look forward to reading her newest posts. She's not afraid to be herself and I love it. I'm always checking back for new content, she's definitely worth the follow.

Poppy Deyes - Whilst relatively new as in the past couple of years, Poppy is a definite fave. Her photography is something else. Every single post is accompanied with a gorgeous selection of pictures which are always beautifully coloured and edited. I love her fashion style and her posts on that and recipes she shares.
Fleur de Force - I've always loved Fleur's blog. Her lifestyle posts are great and I genuinely trust all her makeup posts because even when she reviews products you know she is genuine. She has great interior inspo recently and I look forward to  reading her content every time.
Natalie Amos - I'm kinda biased on these last few because I love reading what my friends have been up to. Nat is not only my manager, she's an amazing content creator and has the most original ideas and beautiful pictures of anyone I know personally through blogging.
Charlotte Barcham - I'll always love reading B's blog because she's my friend and she's a good but simple blogger. May it be her adventures as a model or her outfit inspo, when she posts I am one of the first to check it out. 

Mill Talks - While Mill is only starting out and things still need tweaking on her blog, I'm giving her all the help she needs so seeing her posts go live gives me so much joy. She writes just like she talks, which makes the experience of visiting her blog all the more enjoyable. She also has the best instagram feed in existence.

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